A Curious Mind…….

A Curious Mind…….

I was curious…..this is a new day and age.  And, to an extent, I want to know.

During a recent conversation someone told me of some famous person that was changing sex from female to male.  Hmmmmmmmm.  How do they do that???  Thus I was curious.

So I decided to educate myself.  I was surprised!  And I’m no longer ignorant.

Modern medicine is AMAZING!!  Just from reading the procedure, I realize that for those men who have cheated on there female lovers and had their member sliced and diced that there is hope.  They don’t have to go without.  So, yeah for modern medicine.

But, this involves a highly personal decision regarding gender reassignment……and I think that a man trapped in a woman’s body (and vice a versa) has to be a traumatic experience and to have the courage to deal with it in a psychological and physical way is enormous!  You don’t need this from me, but I applaud you ALL!!

40-50 years ago, if this was just the mention of such was taboo.  Now, this is while not the norm, is definitely  a bit more accepted.

So, how is this done!!  Surprisingly, I’ll be able to put this forth in simple terms and believe me, I will keep it as simple as possible.  If I say something a bit wrong…..it’s because it’s me interpreting into layman’s language.

Here we go!  (I skipping the hormone replacement…..I figure you know that part.)

The procedure is called a ‘total phalloplasty. A thick flap of skin (usually taken from the thing) is roled into a tube connect it to the urethra,  a hydraulic prosthesis is implanted that inflate and deflates with the push of a button, nerves are attached, blood vessels too. Eureka!!  The dick will be working shortly after a brief recovery period.

That the simple version…….the hydraulic prosthesis is nothing new, it’s used in men with erectile dysfunction when the pills have little of no effect.

Unfortunately there’s a ‘high’ failure rate……like around 50% for varied reasons. I’m sure this will improve over time.

I can see a time when the doctor hangs out his sign “Designer Dicks”  long or short and plump, or long and thick…..you get the idea.

I’ve a curious mind……that’s all! I’ve got a curious mind.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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