Reality TV Shows…………..

Reality TV Shows

I’m not a fan……there I’ve said it.  I only see one type of ‘reality’ tv that I can feel is worthwhile and that’s the travel shows.  Not everyone has the finances, time, and ability to travel, so these shows take you to places of a lifetime.  Visual reading….I say it that way because when we read, the author hopefully is good enough to take the reader there. There being on the journey of which the writer is writing.  But I’m getting off point here…..I have a tendency to do that.

I don’t watch much tv, and I don’t watch any ‘reality’ tv shows……I have watched American Idol a hand full of times and The Voice equal that but that was either purposeful or someone else had it on their tv.  By the way, I’m not over visiting you to watch tv, okay!!!

So, I’m no expert on ‘Reality TV’.  I’m just too busy living my life to spend my time watching someone else live a scripted ‘tv’ life.  Mine is much more fun and interesting than anyone’s else.

Why sit there and watch a handle full of women argue and gossip! That’s what neighbors and barrooms are for.

You want to watch someone struggle with dating and dating relationships……follow one of your friends around, or go to a local barroom.

You want to see the latest struggling songbird???  Karaoke …..once again at a local bar.

I find it much more fun to explore the cooking world first hand…..look at a recipe and make it mine.  Read and find out about the chemistry of cooking and then allow your creative juices to flow! Or go out to eat at one of those restaurants that will cook your meal right in front of you!!!  That’s a good time.

All said, (and there’s more that can be…) we don’t need to sit idle in front of a tv set watching others live out their supposed lives…….we can do this!!!!  Much can be experienced at a local bar!!!  Mine would be a beach bar.

So, start your own ‘reality’ right now, invest in the ownership of your life!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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