I’m Not Man Enough To Be A Woman

I’m Not Man Enough To Be A Woman

Hell NO!!!!

It’s a tough world.  Women have been fighting the fight for freedom and equality in society at large it seems forever and there’s still more to fight….

Look, I’m not sure I could really appreciate some guy hitting up on me, trying to get me drunk, to probe his manhood tool into every hole I got.

The lines……oh my!!!  Hey, good lookin’!  What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?  Nice hair, you wanna fuck all night long?  Excuse me but you look familiar.  Nice pants, can I test your zipper?  Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass! I’d like to make you breakfast in the morning.  Can I buy you a drink?  Whistle (do guys still whistle are girls?)  Your place or mine?  We’re animals!!!

I just don’t see myself man enough to be a woman.

Childbirth!!!  Oh gawd!!!  The big kids coming of the small hole that you stuck your member in for your 45 seconds of fun……gads!!!   That’s gotta hurt!  And let’s not forget the nine months prior to the delivery!!!  The nausea, vomiting, cramps, flashes, heat (not all those nine months are cool) and the other various discomforts along the way.  Just getting behind the steering wheel at 7, 8, 9 months just isn’t appealing to me.  Sorry.

The workplace….it doesn’t matter whether its the office at the finance company or being a starlet in Hollywood.  Women have always taken the backseat to me.  Less privileges, less money more demands…..getting coffee for the chauvinistic pig boss, chased around the desk, groped and him acting like nothing happened!  Aaaacccck!!

Dealing with car salesman where they figure I don’t know any better and take advantage of me!!  I hate the thought of being ripped off because of my sex.

It seems that women even today are still thought of to be servants on some level.  Why?  I’d be a BITCH!!!  Causing holy hell everywhere I go!!!  I probably would have a disdain for me!!!  Probably they would have left a bad taste in my mouth on more than one occasion. HA!!!!

I’m just not man enough to be a woman.

Oh, and being cheated on!!!  I’d be another Loraine Bobbet!  I’m not sure I’d be the one that ‘stands by her man’!  Although if I did for a while it would be to bang all his buddies and let the cat out the bag (WOW, that has a double meaning!)!

Finances……it has been that the since the woman makes less than a man, they don’t have the financial resources and temperament to handle the responsibility.  WTF!!!  If I were man enough to be a woman, the dude would keep his filthy hands off my cash!!  Women can be bookkeepers as a sub servant but can’t handle their own finances!  Poppy Cock (been looking forward to using that word)!!!

I do know a lot of independent women…..but yet they seem to give way to men.  I’m telling you, I’d be trouble.

I can’t see myself being just another pretty face, with a fine ass, as a trophy for some guy whose likely trying to get me involved in a threesome……not again!!!!  I wanna be in charge!!!  Not some guy with a boner!!!!  Then on the other hand, I like sex, I just probably would be a slut!

Man, being a woman is tough!!!  So much to navigate in life that’s not of their doing….sheesh!

I’ll stay pat……you ladies can have the womanhood thing!!  I’m not man enough!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



  1. That’s a good one. After reading it, I know I am a strong woman. Favorite part…did you sit in sugar cuz you got a sweet ass!

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