Create Solutions

Create Solutions

Yeah, yeah, yeah….blah, blah, blah.  We’ve all heard before!

Gets rather tiresome too.  Someone coming out with their positive spiel about being positive, staying positive and it’s rewards.  Create solutions, not fears.

Let me tell you about the night before last.

I was tired…..I did a lot and it was my first full day of retirement.  It was a rewarding day, I got to do things that I wanted to do for so long and it was just good!  Simply good.

The next day was to be the day the appraiser would come to appraise my house for it’s upcoming sale, it’s the usual stuff of selling a house.  But!!!  A week before I got an errant phone call and email from the guy who is handling the sale for the buyers giving me bad news that the appraisal was off from the purchasing price. It didn’t take much to figure out this wasn’t for me for 2 reasons, one being the appraiser had not been out to my house yet and two the address of the house in the email wasn’t my house.

But, this provided an opportunity for some education for me as I inquired with their realtor the problem such as this presents for the sale of a home.  If the buyer is putting down the ‘standard’ 20% there’s not much of a problem…if they want the house they simply pony up the difference.  If it’s an FHA, the problem falls to the seller, in which they probably have to come down or find another buyer at another price point and hope for a better appraisal.

Here’s where the potential bite comes in for me and my sale.  My buyer is FHA, my asking price is $3000 above my appraisal that I got….(not all appraisals are created equal).  Why?  Why did I put my asking price above the appraisal?  Because in most sales situations there’s some serious negotiations but not in my case!!  I only had to compromise a slight bit and I’m still over my appraisal.

So as I’m trying to fall asleep my imagination kicks in to high gear.  Imagining every bad appraisal situation possible.  But it didn’t end there.  No, no way.  Every dark shadow from my past showed up in my mind to embrace and support the plausible bad appraisal that awaited me the ‘early’ the next morning. One of the most restless nights of recent memory!  Not only that they visited, but were so vivid and adamant that there presence be acknowledged!!!  Simply turning that off and telling them to screw off isn’t working.

The fight is on!!  I started to fight back, but just saying no wasn’t strong enough.  So, out of an attitude of ‘how’ I told myself to think about the things I enjoy doing the most. I did and it was a struggle to not focus.  So I made my thoughts of what I enjoy doing more powerful by building them up to ‘rockstar status’.  Rockstar status???  Yeah, I chased them from where I was at concerning them mentally at that moment to where I wanted to take them.  That my friend was a VERY powerful moment.  The worries of tomorrow and the pains and torment of yesterdays just simply gave way.  It was tough to accomplish, but sticking with my creative solution paid off. It worked!

Create solutions.  Almost cliche’…..  Well perhaps it is.  But it’s yours and my creativity that are at work when worry and fear comes calling.  It’s simply our creativity that is running amuck.  Creative solution to that is embracing what we love and enjoy.  Creative solution may be embracing who we love and our future with them.

Create solutions is the refuge from the fear and worry ‘we create’.

So, the next day when the appraiser came calling……he was in ‘awe’ about my house. It’s an old brick home built I believe 1960 (subject to memory), but the outdoors is built currently with a GREAT Tropical atmosphere, built for entertaining, built for enjoyment with family and friends.  It’s a place of envy….. It’s a piece of paradise!  That appraisers (along with home inspectors) have raved about the creativity applied to the exterior of my home. Hard work, but it pays off.

My sleeplessness was totally uncalled for… worries unfounded.  Frankly a great misuse of my imagination.

Stay creatively positive!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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