Let’s Remove ALL Warning Labels

Let’s Remove ALL Warning Labels

Yeah!  This most definitely needs to be done.  It would drastically help with over population.

Dealing with ‘dumb ass’ people can be frustrating……but it can also be inspirational.  This very writing is the inspiration of observing stupid people in action over a course of time. I wonder at times how are they still around!!

When I read some of the warning labels I think and remark out loud to anyone around why in the hell is such an obvious warning necessary.  The questioning now has become more rhetorical…….evidently there is an experience that prompts this warning.  It’s happened, no matter how ridiculous the warning may sound…..someone (could well be plural) has ventured beyond the realm of common sense and into the twilight zone of the ridiculous.

I say, “Let’s Remove ALL Warning Labels”.

Don’t offer any advice to those that venture into this zone…..don’t!  This is a great misuse of your valuable time. Go do something like snorkeling…….

Some people just don’t know any better and never will.  When they leave a room, it brightens.  It’s not yours or mine responsibility to help these people, they are beyond help.

Well, John perhaps it’s for the children, you don’t want to see anything bad happen to the children now do you!!  WTF!!!  What age children are we talking about??  What sort of parent doesn’t keep an eye on their children (oh wait, I forgot about the baboon incident…..my bad).

These are the same people that go to the emergency room for a minor incident, given medication possibly for pain and don’t listen to the instructions.  Take with food!  Take with water!  Then they return later because that didn’t take these precautions and now they have an upset stomach……GADS!!!!

Let’s Remove ALL Warning Labels!

You every wonder……I mean, seriously.  Take a look at the evolution of the ‘fan’.  Back in the 50’s and 60’s the fan blade was protected by 3, maybe 4 wires crossing the front.  Optimized air flow for sure.  Now, the blades are in a ‘cage’…..before long, no fan blades will be visible it will be encased in plastic and have holes to let the wind through.  My, oh my, oh my.

While unpacking a recent purchase that had a plastic bag enclosed….I found a warning not to put it over my head as it could cause suffocation.

How about the ‘hot’ coffee spilled on the lap?  I recently stop in on one of those places while traveling to get a cup of coffee…..the sucker was way to hot for consumption, the insulation wrap that is place around the cup couldn’t hold back the heat!!!  I new that this was too hot for consumption and that while driving I didn’t want it to spill on my lap. I could see how this would easily cause a second degree burn.  So, into the console cup holder til it was safe.  But get this…….The industry that sells this super hot product has been repeatedly sued, and in the news!!!   But, they keep selling the product in it’s present method.  There may have been some warning in the store, and I’m sure that in small print on the cup……they weren’t necessary, I knew it was too hot to mess with.  Besides to read it of the cup I’d probably have to turn the cup while reading, the spill proof lid will have come off or may have a defect and I’d have had a ‘second degree burn’.

Common sense seems to be getting rarer.  Maybe it’s something in the water.

So I say, “Let’s Remove ALL Warning Labels” and let this sort itself out.

Golly, really!!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



  1. Ok. We can remove all warning labels….BUT…I think some people should come with warning labels, tattooed to their freaking forehead!

    Love and hugs, always

    1. Excellent!!! I think you just gave me a future follow up!! I agree!!!
      p.s. I never did get your comment of ‘I Woke up This Morning & I’m Old’
      Love you

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