Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

If you find yourself engulfed in a life that isn’t satisfying to you, that’s disappointing and depressing.  You feel hopeless and helpless, it’s real…..unfortunately it is real.  That is a very hard life and that is very hard to change.  But you…..you’re the one that can make a difference.  It’s just seriously ‘hard’.

You don’t have to accept any negativity that’s happening in your life…..  You don’t have to believe that no one cares.

I know, I was there.  Not with you and not in your own personal situation. But I was in my own, in my life a long time ago.  And I began doing something small but positive everyday that I still do to this day. I did it out of desperation……I didn’t have anyone to guide me, no one to consul me, I was just desperate.  I didn’t know what a positive affirmation was, I was just desperate and grabbed for a lifeline.

Positive Affirmations!

Yeah, I still have my down moments…..no one’s perfect. I focus deeper on my affirmations. I know what I need and I have learned to be patient with myself because I’ve learned from experience whatever has me won’t last and just hang on.

Change your thoughts about you. Don’t focus on what if’s. Don’t look for people’s pity. Don’t look to win the lottery. Don’t look for any outward change. Change your thoughts about you and you’ll begin to change the way you think about your world and your thoughts will turn into actions and those actions will change your world.

It’s not an easy task….I won’t try to convince you it’s an easy task.  Just this, you’re the only one that can make a lasting change in your life.  No one else. No one!  Nothing, no amount of anything….money, cars, clothes, houses, etc can make that lasting change.  You’re still you.

Do allow yourself some space in life to heal over whatever trauma has happened. Not to do that isn’t healthy.  But limit yourself in time for that process or it will encompass your whole life.  You’ll never get through it and you will have cheated yourself and the one’s you love out of a lot of happiness.

Find out from yourself what it is that you want to encourage yourself about daily…..just start with one thing.  If there’s more, great!!!  I’d suggest keeping it short and growing it. Growing it (not leaving what you start with behind), growing it will indicate to you that your affirmations are working.  Perhaps you need only one intimate affirmation and that one triggers everything else in your life……GREAT!!!  That can happen.  That will happen.

Positive affirmations.

Sit alone, a quiet place…….take a pen and paper.  Now write.  It may be I love myself.  I recognize my talent and it’s usefulness in my life and others.  I feel beautiful inside, just as I am.   I am an attractive person.  I am an intelligent person…..  Any other ideas?  They originate in you because they are you.  Go ahead.  Take the step, make that moment happen!  Self reliance.  You can’t beat.  The pity of others may be a soothing balm, but it is without substance and will go away as quickly as it came.

Positive affirmations.

They take time to work.  But they will work.  Other than telling them to yourself, you must believe.  Unworthiness is your enemy.  Discard it promptly!!

This will take you on a new path of life.  Here’s the only and main caution I will give you.  DON’T SHARE YOUR POSITIVE AFFIRMATION AND YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE CHANGE!  Yeah, they may love you……but they want the old you, the one that makes them feel good about themselves.

DON’T SHARE!!!  Just let the difference show bit by bit.  And when the first acknowledgement by others is expressed……smile and be happy that your positive affirmations are at work.  No need to explain just yet, that time will come much further down the road when you are strong, much stronger and they want that change.

Have a happy life, it’s yours, make it happy.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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