We’re In The Business of Creating

We’re In The Business of Creating

‘You are the creator of your life’

We all are.  Everyday we’re creating.  We just do it without much consideration for what we are creating.  In most cases, I believe we don’t recognize that we are creative people.

We create thru our doing.  Which brings up the question of ‘why are we doing what we are doing?  Perhaps that should be the title of the posting…..if I change it this sentence goes away.  Wait, maybe not!!!  That would or should bring about the thought, ‘well what was the title before’.  Aha!!!  A rabbit to be chased, but not here.

Everything that we do creates.  As haphazardly as I’ve lived my past, my personal creation can be a confusing challenge.  So, I just think of myself as a late bloomer.

We’re in the business of creating!

Today, is building a part of your future.  Is it what you want for your future?

Those who know me, please don’t look at your experience with me to determine what you would think of my future.  I adjust for my time with you.  I do it because I enjoy your company …….. it’s not what I do, or where I’m going.  It’s us time, and that’s an important and good time.  If you’re in my present, you’re in my future…….unless you change that.  You see, there’s a design to creativity.  A purpose to creativity.  The only thing that I know that can’t be in some sort of control in creativity is another person.  Fortunately for me, I’m not into controlling other people.

So, you’re in a shitty place in life.  Welcome to your creativity.  Random shit by you that either you didn’t think would have any consequences or didn’t realize you were not doing what you actually wanted or should have been doing, or you just like doing random shit.

Doing random shit, brings about random results.  Enjoy your randomness!!  According to spell check I didn’t make that word up.

We’re in the business of creating.

Here’s a good example of ‘creating’ my life.  Over the past 4 to 5 years my interest has been continually peaked of traveling and living abroad…..fast forward to 6 months ago.  I decided to sell my house, downsize my living components, downsize my bills and move to Mexico.  From there, travel thru Central and South America.  Then to Europe and Great Britain.  Well, the house is sold, I look across from where I’m sitting and most all my belongings to take with me fit in about 6 square meters (I’m even practicing metric)……that’s about 20 square feet in U.S. terms, I’ve downsized my bills and it looks like I’ll be crossing the Mexican border on September 26th.  That’s creativity in action.  Focused.

But, it doesn’t end there, there’s more!!!  That’s the adventure……the creating.

We’re in the business of creating.

You don’t have to be moving abroad to be creative.  You can be creative (as you already are), make that purposefully creative right where you are.  Realize that the only thing that hinders you is you.  You will put up the obstacles.  You will reinforce those obstacles. But you don’t have to.  Suggestion.  All your preconceptions in life….throw them away.  I’m not suggesting irresponsibility.  Irresponsibility would be not paying your bills……devise ‘Create’ a way to pay them off, this may take sacrifice of some of your pleasures or vices for a period of time.  But otherwise, think of this…..you’re a prisoner of your debt, your pleasures that bound you to that debt and your vices.  You are their creator.  If the obstacle is your spouse, significant other, family…….just start planting the dream inside of them.  Just plant it…..don’t push it down their throats, just plant it.

Consider this, being creative is your greatest life experience.  You (me too) have been doing it all our lives…..some more haphazard than others.  Take your experience refine and focus.  You’ll get your desired results.

Oh, and look.  When something unexpectedly happens, it’s only because you didn’t see it as a result of some phase of creativity.  It probably isn’t as bad as you think and react to….so adjust.  Adjustments are allowed.  I should have been in Mexico the first week of August rather than the last week of September.  There were adjustments along the way.  Remember, you can’t control others.  When the contractor can’t get to your job on your schedule, or the shortcut you took makes things longer and more costly……there’s things such as ‘people’ that you can’t and don’t want to control.

Don’t wait for someone to do for you……do for yourself.

Creating…..it’s fun.  Most of all remove your limitations, in your mind first and outward thereafter.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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