One Ending Is A New Beginning

One Ending Is A New Beginning

For the past 17 years I’ve called St. Petersburg, Florida home……it is a wonderful place to live.  Lots of diversity in people, food, events, sports, activities, and let’s not forget beaches, and beach bars.

Those 17 years come to an end shortly.  This is my last full week in my little piece of paradise.  I’m not looking back though, I’m looking forward.

One ending is a new beginning.

Beginning a new adventure.  And right off the bat, it should be a continual adventure as I’m not looking for a permanent home (if that happens fine that means I’m seeing a sunrise and a sunset from my house), I’m looking to stay in a place to explore it’s history, culture, cuisine, and beauty…..and then reach out beyond.

Some may not feel security in that…, I’m not looking for security, I’m looking for a lot of experiences and adventure.  More than just reading about them on the internet, I want to be up close and personal.

One ending is a new beginning.

The new beginnings has very little to do with the old.  There’s no old debt, no old neighborhood, no old friends (face to face), there’s no old beach bars, no old beaches, just everything new.  I don’t believe my mind can fathom this!  It’s like everything I’ve worked for thru my life no longer pertains to me and my future.  That’s a rather BIG change!  A worthwhile one I believe.

I’m gonna see new scenery, new people, new food, experience new cultures, new languages…..I just realized a few new challenges there.  This has me excited right now.

I also have to start (and have to some extent) thinking of pesos instead of dollars, meters instead of miles……minor adjustments.  There’s a law in Mexico where the business must have their products priced in pesos…..there’s a part of the law that restricts them from having to separate prices that would hurt tourist.  They can price the product in U.S. dollars along with pesos but they must be equivalent.  There’s also a website to report if a business is breaking that law.

One ending is a new begging.

This isn’t bad. It doesn’t mean that the old is bad.  It has nothing to do with bad……it’s ALL good!  I’m sure when and if I come back to visit in the states that I’ll be exposed to something new here, and something old that seems new.

There’s an anticipation…..I feel like a kid at Christmas. I know there’s presents, some I expect, and others I’m not aware of……bring it on.  I’m ready to open my presents.

So, this is what’s happening, heading to the Mexican consulate in Orlando on Thursday for ‘temporary residency’ interview,  upon closing of the house next week, it’s time for a last visit to Key West, back here to load the moving truck, then to Louisiana to see our kids and grandkids before running for the border. Not much time for anything else…cool with me.

One ending is a new begging.

I’m doing what I want to do…..I’m making all my endings and ally my new beginnings.  If I can do this….so can you.  And it doesn’t matter what your ending is, or what your new beginning is, it’s yours and that’s personal and important, I just believe you should do it! There’s more to life than clocking in to work and making someone else dream come true for them.

It’s my life.  It’s your life.   Let’s live it!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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