Is It That We Only Do What We’re Taught??

Is It That We Only Do What We’re Taught??

I was reading a short article on Richard Branson about retirement.  And that it shouldn’t be a goal. And I found the thought intriguing.  He further states that we’re taught to get good grades in school, choose a career goal, go to college to prepare for that career and then seek a job in that field and then retire.

I thought wow!!  We’re programmed!  We just follow this path that is laid out for us…..not many of us question this because it is presented to us in such a way that to not follow is sure failure, homelessness and starvation!  And who wants that, right?

Sheep?  Just being led by the shepherds? Is it that we only do what we’re taught?

There’s a structure and an order that must be followed. I sort of find this a bit depressing.  Is this true in everything?  If it’s true that everyone has to serve somebody, then who is that we serve?

What if a major portion of a generation at an early age says ‘no’.  I don’t like the structure, I don’t know who makes the rules but I’m not gonna follow.  What happens then?  It seems that such a movement would threaten the stability of the present system.

What would a world look like without the structure as we presently know?  How would it function?  Would it be more communal? A bit of 60’s revisited along with a naturist approach.  A civilization that keeps its progressive technology and yet mashes so primitive elements for a more beneficial society.  I’m having a weird thought here.

Is it that we only do what we’re taught?

For a moment step back in your mind and try to grab an overview of our lives as a whole. That the efforts of an individual multiplied by however many people and its cumulative results.  Can we detect any useful purpose?

Why have I taken you down this path?  Questions.  We need to ask ourselves questions, not others.  Its these questions that excite our intellect.  Its these questions that enlighten.  The questions can be stimulating, even if we think we can’t make a difference, we are part of the difference.  An intellectual rebellion is much better, appropriate, and beneficial as opposed to a violent rebellion.

So just ask yourselves, “Is it that we only do what we’re taught?”

Okay, now its back to what I was taught to do……NOT!!!  I’m in rebellion!!  Join me!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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