Wait Until Everything is Perfect

Wait Until Everything is Perfect

I actually know these people!!  They are the first to smirk, laugh, and ridicule me for a failure (I think of them as a less than desirable outcome rather than a failure).

Do you know how much they do??  Very little.  They may think and talk about doing something beyond their present selves, but with them its always a matter of timing, waiting for the perfect time.  Because you see……if they don’t wait for that perfect time for their perfect effort, they won’t get the ‘perfect’ results and therefore fail and why should they risk that ungawdly smirk, laugh or ridicule.  It won’t come from me!  I’d be too busy working thru my latest less than desirable outcome!

Wait until everything is perfect.

Everything will never be ‘perfect’.  That’s reality.  Even when a person succeeds at their endeavor things aren’t all ‘perfect’.   It doesn’t mean they didn’t strive for perfection, it’s just that there’s elements out of their control that they had to adjust to or overcome and ……..they did.

I pronounce an accomplishment perfect.  When actually their wasn’t anything perfect about it….its just that I overcame my obstacles and accomplished my project.

There is nothing that I do here that is perfect.  I just do.  Can I do better?  Yes.  Will I do better?  Yes.  Will it be this posting or my next?  Maybe, but I’ve still got a lot more to learn and I’m alright with that.

On here, where I make my money is thru the advertisements.  I’ve got a store that powered by Amazon.  I make money there if anyone purchases something.  Well, that hasn’t been a very successful aspect of my blog site.  Amazon has sent me an email that if productivity doesn’t increase I’ll lose my store.  Okay.  I’m fine with that, it’s not meant to be, there will be other opportunity.

Another way money is made here is Affiliate advertisements.  You’ll see those to the right of this article.  For me to get paid there a reader must click the ad and buy something.  This is one of those things that is being in for the long haul.  Sales trickle with the increase or decrease of site visitors.

Then there’s the advertisements that are embedded in this article.  I get paid just for the reader clicking the advertisement.  The reader doesn’t have to buy anything…..just be curious as to what’s offered, click and Thank you.

Wait until everything is perfect.

It never will be perfect, it is just that way.  My writings, ideas, wording, expressions, none of them is what I’d characterize as perfect.  Probably never will be.  But I shall continue.  First of all, I’m not doing this just for the money!!!  Fooled ya huh!  I’m doing it because I enjoy doing it.  It is writing.  Especially just sitting and free flow writing.  I never know exactly what to expect.  Fun.

So, my acquaintances sit on the side smirk, laugh, and ridicule.  I just keep going because I’m better for it than to be like them.

You too!!!

Wait until everything is perfect.   Nah!!!  Just go to work with the knowledge we presently have and grow.

By the way….I’m not suggesting that you ignorantly put yourself in any sort of harms way.  But, if you have want you want to do at hand and have enough knowledge to get yourself started……do it.

Just think, if you or I don’t start doing what we want to do…….in a year we will be saying ‘if I/we had just started’.

 Wait until everything is perfect means you ain’t gonna do anything.  Don’t be scared of what others think or say, own what you want by doing what you want.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



  1. Life if never perfect. There is never a perfect person, place, thing…….It’s what you make out of life with what you are given, and give that hell…Do it now because tomorrow may be too late……..It’s not promised………..P&L

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