Searching For Eight….(8)

Searching For Eight

How can something so simple be so difficult to achieve?

What?  What eight am I searching for?

I’m searching for 8 hours of uninterrupted ‘sleep’.  Should be simple.  Get tired, go to bed, …….sleep.  Right?  Nah.

Searching for eight.

Could it be that my past is interrupting my now?  I worked some really early hours. Getting up at 3 am and doing my reading and breakfast before starting work at 4am.  I routined this for so many years with very little variance.  At one time working at a local hospital analyzing patient records for documentation accuracy I went to work for 1am!!!  But for the past 6 years it has been waking up at 3am and that includes days off!

My activity had little bearing on the length and quality of sleep.  Sometimes I’d have a few drinks before bed and sleep oh so peacefully, other times with a few drinks …….restless.  Same true without any liquor and the even with a sleeping aid such as melatonin.

Since I’m retired it shouldn’t really matter in a since with the now available ‘nap’.  But it does matter.  Eight straight hours of sleep.  Sometimes it’s like I take a lunch break during my sleep……sleep for a few hours and wake, do some reading for half an hour or so and go back to sleep.  Ridiculous!!  But, it’s what’s happening.

I’ve thought, should I go to a sleep clinic or should I be patient with myself and see if the adjustment happens.  I’ve chose to wait and work my way thru this.  I’m sure that if it’s 8 straight hours that I need, it’s 8 straight hours that I’ll get.

I have an activity monitor for steps, calories and sleep and it has indicated that I have on occasions slept for 8 hours even 9!!!  The monitor lets me know the type of sleep I get too, light or deep.  So, I have something to gauge by.  Perhaps a activity and sleep journal might be handy.  I’ll give it a trial.

Searching for eight.

The retirement thing isn’t bad.  I haven’t gotten around to all that I want to do (which isn’t much….reading, writing, playing and recording music.  But, I’m giving myself a break on this too.  Selling and getting the house ready and moving stuff to storage, and giving stuff away is time consuming.  And of course I’m enjoying my naps.

Then there’s my move….to Mexico.  That happens the last week of this month on about September 27th.  That’s a lot in a short time.  You see after September 13th, I’m homeless!!  There’s some time demand on me during those 2 weeks which are in place and I can’t get around them or I’d be there a lot sooner.

Rambling here as I’m closing.

So, my searching for eight will be a journey of sorts.  With the much appreciative naps ……ah, siestas along the way on the Caribbean coastline.  I’ll manage.  Yes I will.

Thanks for stopping in…’s getting near 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m going take a nap.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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