The Evil of Light……….

The Evil of Light……….

The evil of light.

Sounds strange doesn’t it.  We always think of dark as the evil one.  But, darkness has it’s place and it has shared equal time with light.  For us on earth,  it seems that darkness was created at the same time as light.

But John, monsters lurk in the dark.  Evil men seek to do harm in the dark.  Darkness is bad, John.  To which I reply there are monsters in the light of day, everywhere mostly known as politicians and lawyers, but they also thrive on Wall Street.  They do their monstering in broad day’light’!

The evil of light.

There is a place for light and there is a place for darkness.  They just really need to be in their natural place to be of benefit.

John, we need light at night time to protect us from danger.  Like a robber perhaps?  Personally I see it as it aids the robber as he can see better to ply his trade.  In darkness, he can’t see.

I know that we won’t see eye to eye on this….but with the invasion of light during darkness we deprive ourselves, our loved ones and future generations the great adventure of stargazing.  That’s right.  Light pollution inhibits our ability to view the heavens in its natural state.

Telescopes…..nah, we’re still looking thru the haze of light pollution.

Yes, this is important.  Why?  Just keep it simple for a moment, it’s nature……the way it’s intended to be.

Tonight….look up at the night sky and you’ll see a few twinkles but you’re actually looking at our very own Milky Way.  It’s just the light pollution that is blocking your sight of this magnificent ‘experience’.  That’s a big price to pay.  But if you have never known the experience of viewing the Milky Way, you don’t really realize the value.  For some of you, you will have to leave your big city, find a lonesome place hundreds of miles away in the middle of someone elses somewhere to be enchanted.  That will be worth the trip.

Of course you can see the Milky Way in a picture… that is published on the internet.  But it just isn’t the same.

You see, we can’t bring darkness in to the daylight, but we can bring light into the darkness.  That’s what makes light evil.

The evil of light.

Take some time and read about light pollution.  Take some time to get away from light and enjoy the darkness and all its benefits.  Educate yourself, you’re worth it.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



    1. Thanks Dora!
      We do seem to have like minds…..that’s a good thing.
      Soon, I’ll be away from most of this light pollution seeing the sky that I saw as a child. I’m excited about that!
      Have an absolutely FAB day!

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