I’m Having To Pinch Myself!!!

I’m Having To Pinch Myself!!!

This actually started about 5 years ago……  I was just curious.  How would it be to live outside the U.S.?  So, I bought some books, researched on the internet…….sometimes it was a bit frustrating, other times rewarding and thrilling.  A good writer can take your heart and mind to places, that’s why I wrote thrilling.

How can I do that???

I dreamed……and then I dreamed some more.  Rest assured, if you want something and you move in that direction…..you will eventually get there.  Right now, I’m only at the begging.

Here’s something ‘Key’.  Don’t expect to live in any country as you do in the U.S.  Don’t think of yourself as being on vacation.  Oh, and one last thing……Don’t allow moving back to the U.S. as an option.  This last one will get you thru some dark and down moments.  I haven’t had any yet.  It’s too early on perhaps.  But, I’ve thought ahead and I knew I had to have a way of solving this should it happen.  Hell, the same things happen in the U.S., we just work through them there, do the same here.

What was the clincher that made this possible, moving abroad, exploring and traveling?  Tim Ferriss.  Some may say, “Who the hell is Tim Ferris?”  Good question!  Tim wrote “The 4-Hour Work Week”.  I had been eyeing that book for a few years.  Then I finally made the plunge and got me a copy.  I found reading the book a bit uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable????   He took me on a path very ‘unfamiliar’.  Some stuff just sounded crazy.  Sometimes my mind had trouble connecting the dots.  The concept is unfamiliar, the methods uncomfortable.  That doesn’t mean they are ‘wrong’.  Aha!!!

So, I decided to dig deeper, and I dug deeper……..  That has paid off.  Still in my infancy with this new view of life, finance, and freedom.  But, I’m embracing it.

I’m having to pinch myself!!!

Somewhere along the way I engaged the belief that if someone else could do things out of the ordinary, so could I.  And I do.  And I know this sounds silly, ridiculous, and unrealistic but I’ve removed the idea of failure from my thinking.  I’ll cover that at another time.  Realize, we can have control over what we think.  Simple.

So, here I am in Mexico as my starting off point.  I’ve found that it is less expensive to travel from here than the U.S.  You may find that different.  Understand that when you do a search, Google knows where you are at, so your results are predetermined!!!!  You have to do something to fool Google and get yourself out of the U.S. digitally.  I won’t tell you how, go find out for yourself.

Back to I’m having to pinch myself.

I have met the sweetest people here!!  The locals try to understand and help, but a lot depends on me……I have to make changes, good changes.  Broaden my speech and understanding!!!  I find that exciting, not intimidating.  I have met others that have been transplanted here.  Americans, Canadians, French….but mostly Canadians.  We’re in this together!  And no-one can afford to lose sight of that.

I saw a ‘fox’ yesterday.  That was unexpected.

I went grocery shopping yesterday.  I got the opportunity to put to work my feeble Spanish vocabulary…hehehe.

I got lost driving….I drove my car into Mexico.  I could say I should have shipped it, and that would have been so much easier and cheaper than I thought, but I would have missed so much!!

I drove through the mountains of Mexico passing through the small villages and seeing up close the lives of so many Mexican people.  At my hotel in Villahermosa I was talking with one of the many great host there and I mentioned of how poor these people were.  And he told me so plainly, “they don’t know they are poor, they are very happy and contented people”.  I am still in awe of that.  You can’t miss what you never had.


The Caribbean!!!!  That’s right, Caribbean.  Most don’t realize that the waters of the Caribbean wash the shores of southeast Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, the state of Quintana Roo.  Magnificent!!!  Why not an island in the Caribbean?  I have so much more readily available for exploring here……leading way to Central America and South America!  That’s why.  I’ll get to some islands later though.

Put yourself in a position to have to pinch yourself….you won’t regret it.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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