Here’s What I’ve Learned, I Think. Part I

Here’s What I’ve Learned, I Think. Part I

Have you ever just pulled back sort of and looked at your life and others from an objective point of view???  This can be done on so many levels, complicated and simple.

Today I want to be simple, so……..

Here’s what I’ve learned, I think…….Part I

When it comes down to it, we’re all a bit stuck in our adolescence.  Insulting, yeah I know.  Enlightening…..well, not sure exactly huh.  This, as I said is simple.

It doesn’t matter whether the topic is religion, politics, favorite sports teams, best diets, computers, phones,  or what’s the best way; olde school or contemporary.  There’s gonna be an argument.  You wanna be civilized and call it a debate???  As soon as the pettiness, name calling, bashing and juvenile attitudes are put aside, yeah, then we can call it a debate.  Until then it’s an argument that is based on our adolescent conduct.  And for some of us that’s 40 plus decades ago!!!

We’re in the schoolyard at recess name calling, poking fun at another, berating 4 eyes (the kid needs to see!!)……and you say, “John, that’s part of growing up!”  I’ll reply, “Yep it is, only that 40 plus decades the growing up hasn’t kicked in!!  Look, there’s some dude hanging on to life after a brawl over a football ‘game’….that’s the grown up version of our adolescence.

What I’ve learned is that for some reason our ability to discuss any differences using the power of persuasion has and is eluding us!!  We’re actually quite uncivilized when it comes to civility in disagreements.  I’ve my faults too…..I can become a very nasty person and really want to make your life miserable.  Your encounter with me should disrupt the remainder of your pathetic existence.  And I’m a pacifist. Hehehehe.  I’m just being honest here…..I’m not that way all the time, very seldom in fact.  I don’t like that lower rung part of my life so it’s kept in check. I do have a way with words though.

I don’t believe that we have evolved to the point of leaving that schoolyard behind.  We still engage in the same tactics in disagreements in sports, religion, and oh yeah, politics.  Now, I’m not gonna get in the politics thing here nor religion…..I’ve found that discussion of both makes enemies…….darn sports too!!!  Who’s the best Jordan or James???   What???  Neither!!!  Bill Russell??  Shaq??  (I love Shaq!)  We’re gonna eventually be nasty.  We’re eventually gonna revert back to the school yard.

There are Republican politicians right now that’s position is ‘if you don’t play the way I want you to play……you can’t play, I’m not gonna play with you, etc.  Oh, Democrat friends!!!!  You too!!!!  The opposition says something you don’t like and he/she is unfit for whatever office!!!!  On a quite civil point of view from me, you’re all a bunch of ‘unfit loonies’!!!

Not to lose my point here.  That point is that we deal with our differences (differences are good, we need to have differences) as though we were still in some time warp of when we were between the ages of 6 and 16!!!  Our bodies have grown and matured but our way of dealing with life and circumstances hasn’t, we’re still between the ages of 6 and 16…….17 & 18 aren’t much better but we’re getting jobs (that’s still going on, right?) and becoming a bit responsible (right?).

Someone once told me, “You can’t really change someone’s mind, but you can help them make a ‘new’ decision.”  I believe this to be true.  I know that if I’m stubbornly wrong you will not change my mind, but I have had that moment when another has made their position known to me that I’ve said, “I never thought of it that way before.”

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Tolerance, peacefulness, and intelligence with grace…….they can take the place of those old schoolyard tactics.  They are so much more powerful and enlightening.

The morning rain has just given way to sunshine and I’ve said what I think I’ve learned.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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