This Is All New To Me……!!!!!!!

This Is All New To Me……!!!!!!!!

I don’t really know how to act.  Crazy!!!   This is what I mean for roughly 4 and a half decades I have worked, longer than that I’ve had a schedule to answer to.  Those 2 don’t exist anymore.  I’m not complaining, it just feels a bit awkward.  No guilt, but shouldn’t I be doing something?  For instance, I got up early as I always had… surroundings I blame it on……..I went downstairs fixed breakfast, checked my emails, Facebook, read the news today….oh boy.  Then, I went back upstairs and laid down, fell asleep and woke up.  I guess this is part of my ‘adventure’ because it sure is unchartered waters for me!!!

I have a neat little 3 floor house in a small community between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The beach is about a 5 minute drive.  Here’s a picture of mi Casa.


That’s the front as you can tell…..and you can’t tell much else.  I’ll have to get more pictures.  That just hasn’t been a priority, nothing has been a priority.  I take that back, my priority is an interview with Immigrations this coming Wednesday.

This is all new to me!

Coffee is more pleasure than necessity.  While I love my dark roast Community Coffee, I have cheated myself out of all these other coffees that have such a ‘rich full flavor’.  I now can’t wait just to tangle my taste buds in the next brew.  I’m still only a morning time coffee drinker but that too needs to change.  I no longer  have that schedule to rule over me!!  Coffee in the afternoon…..yes.  Even the convenience store coffee is flavorful.  Yes, there’s Starbuck’s around but that’s not what I’m referring to… the way if you’d see the prices of the Starbuck’s down here compared to the U.S. you’d think why are you paying so much!!!!  Seriously!!!  I didn’t buy any, I’m embracing the local brew.

This is something that is hard to explain……but I feel as though I now have no restrictions or bounds on my life.  There’s a change in mentality.  A change in my personal association to my life……I am no longer exchanging a daily third of my life to a corporation that was brought to life by an individual wanting to fulfill their American dream.  I’m not saying that sort of stuff doesn’t exist here in Mexico, but not in my world.

This is all new to me!

My cost and quality of living is better now. You would possibly think otherwise, but my groceries are less expensive minus all the crap that’s in it in the states, therefore healthier for me.  And I seem to be eating a bit less, I’m not experiencing stress.  I know this sounds like a bit of bullshit, but I believe that stress is so common in the daily lives of us as American’s living the American way of life that we simply don’t recognize it as stress.  It just is a part of life.

I can remember older people just wanting to have a little company ask, “What you’re in such a hurry about?” And me thinking, I’ve got things to do, places to go, responsibilities to tend to!!!!  Now I ask myself….why?  Oh, look, tell me of your responsibilities and I understand what you’re saying (I’m not that far removed) but that doesn’t have to be the way….it’s a choice.  I can’t please everyone but I can’t piss everyone off.  No one wants to deal with their personal choice desire, it gives way to personal responsibility.

This is all new to me…..I don’t have this heavy burden of debt.  That alone is worth finding a way to make the change and doing it.  The U.S. is a really FAB place! Make no mistake of that!  But there is a lot of other FAB places to visit….to explore, to enjoy.  Mexico is going to be my first.  It’s my baby step.


This is a picture of the beach across from where I live….roughly a quarter of a mile. Being in this water is different in a few ways to being in my beaches in St. Petersburg, Florida.  It is much, much clearer.  It even feels different!  Silly, I know, but it does. This particular beach cost me to go to, 20 pesos (less than a U.S. dollar).  Most beaches in Florida cost something to visit even if it isn’t just for parking!  Going to the state parks in U.S. costs and the water isn’t like this. Oh, there’s nature behind me.  The jungle comes right up to the beach!!!  BEAUTIFUL.

Driving over here is new to me.  Yes, they drive on the same side of the road as in the U.S. but, passing is somewhat different as you straddle the line on the shoulder (if the line is there) to allow the cars to pass!!! img_1676

To say there is a lot of ‘taxis’ is a gross understatement!!!  And they come in different sizes!  Oh, and don’t fight it….it’s their road.  Make no mistake of that!  I’m okay with that too.  It’s a lot less stressful to just let them go, after all, I’m in no hurry to go where I may be going, if I’m going somewhere and when I get there, then I’m there.

Eggs aren’t refrigerated here.

I haven’t seen ‘processed cheese food’ here.

The hot sauces are ‘really’ hot here.  At the restaurants the waiters will even warn you.

This is all new to me!!!

No female waitresses have been cited with the exception of the Quality Inn in Monterrey!!  One, and only one.

Raleigh Warner, Sr……..I get it now!  Stopping, slowing and enjoying.  Miss you.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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