Live From Calle Cuba 21, Heeeerre’s Johnny!

Live From Calle Cuba 21, Heeeerre’s Johnny!

Well it hardly seems like 2 weeks entering the Mexican border but……yep, that’s about what it is.  Calle Cuba 21 is  my street address for a while.  Sometimes I feel like a one legged man trying to get around….  Particularly on 2 fronts; 1.) Finding my way around and 2.) not knowing enough espanol to communicate well enough.  Both will evolve into a new norm.

It took a week just for the drive. The roads….toll roads are great. But, my trip wasn’t all toll roads.  The map I got from a website took me on a very scenic route and the road was very substandard.  If not for the expectation of adventure, I’d probably be pissed.  But, it’s adventure I want, and it’s adventure I’m getting.  There’s encouragement to not drive at night…….and here’s why.  While the toll roads are in excellent shape in some places there’s a lack of center and side lines to determine where the lanes are, there are no reflectors in the middle of the road so at night……you don’t know where you’re at. That’s a problem.  Also, there’s a drop off, off the road of at least 6 to 8 inches and if there’s a shoulder it’s very small.  Next you may have to contend with ‘ANIMALS’!!!  It seems rather common that horses, cows, goats and jackasses are on the sides of the road and access at will.

It’s taken me a while…..but I’m live from Calle Cuba 21

I met a lot of people on the way and I’ve seen up close how some live.  American ghettos have more available and are better equipped.  But these people are quite contented, peaceful, loving and kind.  They most all have their own roadside business that supports their families and everyone helps.  A simpler lifestyle isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  While I can’t be absolutely sure, but by the pace of life, stress isn’t one of ‘problems’ these folks experience.

Being ‘live from Calle Cuba 21’ is a good thing…..and the experiences just keep on coming.

Right now, I’m doing my immigration thingy.  3 days now, and I still haven’t gotten by the first stage.  Todays reason was a ‘decimal’ and a ‘comma’.  I’m not allowed to scratch thru anything, I must do another attempt from the beginning.  But, can’t I save a copy and just amend it???  HA!  I can save a copy, but the saved copy doesn’t allow me to amend it, so I must start over.  But, the upside, it’s helping my espanol.  Tomorrow will be another attempt.  I could have made the corrections to day, I had my computer with me but they close the office at 1pm and it was 7 minutes before closing by the time I got started. Oh well.

Oh!!!  I not only can I not have the form to fill in English, there is no forms in English!!!  And no press 2 for English!

But I am ‘live from Calle Cuba 21’!  That’s my street and house number….the actual address is a bit more complicated than that, so that’s the easy version.  Mail is delivered once a month, and I can get FedEx and such delivered ‘Express’, it takes about a week. Life in the fast lane eh……

Speaking of ‘fast lane’.  This is a very laid back life style, except when the locals get in a car!  Then it’s get out the way or kiss it bye!  In the states we leave some distance between us and the car in front.  Uh uh, not here, that space is fair game!!!  Cars will jockey for that precious spot so stay clear…..mostly taxis but it’s rather a game thing.

Okay, time for something cold and a bit distracting from the events of today!


Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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