How Big Is Your World?

How Big Is Your World?

I was just reading through an article and I was reading about something I wasn’t familiar with that referenced a famous individual and his familiarity with the subject of the article.  I know from readings of the famous individual that his interest are just so broad, it amazes me! Then the idea crossed my mind that this individuals world is very big.  Not necessarily in the scope of travel (even though it is) but in literature, music, culture, etc.  And I thought, “How big is My world?”, and “How big can it be?”

The wheels turned….and are turning.  I love to write and though I don’t think I’m that good at it, I love doing it and look to improve. I love music…playing, singing, and writing and I’m a bit of a mixed review.  When I’m doing I’m doing well and I improve rapidly but when I slack off I make mediocre sound professional.

So, the question of “How Big Is Your World?” has my attention.

For one thing, I don’t have the restrictions of employment eating up 8 plus hours of my day and the damn fatigue that follows.  I don’t have it!  That barrier is removed.  I do know that when I work at something I improve and when I keep at it…..I just keep improving.  That’s enough encouragement to motivate  me now.  Oh, I am in the throes of the beginning!  And I’m full of excitement and anticipation as to How Big I can Make My World……even if it’s from my backyard.

I know that reading broadens my world……and in the past even though I read a lot, well more than those around me….that I wasn’t really getting what I wanted, what I was searching and longing for.  Yeah, one’s own experiences are richer than reading of anothers but can still be rewarding, educational and uplifting. And even though I am physically broadening my world having moved to Mexico and will explore here and the neighboring countries……I feel that reading will broaden my world even more and much faster.  Just reading recently of some history out of Italy has provoked my interest.  I’ll feed my interest and my body will follow.

How big is your world, my world.

Is it the  comfort of where we are physically, religiously, financially, cultural wise, family and friendship wise stagnated us without realizing???

I feel challenged. I’ve a hunger. I don’t want to settle. I want more!!!  Greed……a good form of it.

There is just so much more to experience first with our minds……

I’m trying not to lose you here as I’m winding down, so hang in there briefly.

Why consider making your world bigger when you are completely satisfied?  I’ve thought this through, I have and I do have an answer. I feel it’s a very good answer. I’ve observed not broadening. And I’ve listened to those people. I’ve concluded I want to broaden my world. And here’s why. It’s an unforeseen thing. And eventually it will happen to some extent and that is this……as people grow in their lives, their lives become busy and their visits become less occasional, as the decades past and their families grow you wonder why people don’t visit as often… almost comes to a complete stop.  Then, why is that person visiting….is it because of duty as a relative or dear friend, is it feeling sorry for you……or is it that they simply just do it out of love.

I’ve seen and spoken to those people.

I want a bigger world, to live long, to share new stories and new experiences with friends, relatives and love ones…….and leave this dusty planet sliding into my grave.  There’s a desire use up every breathing second without the redundancy of experience and calling it a life.

I want a bigger world.

Peace, love and Beaches,


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