Start Your Day With A Smile!

Start Your Day With A Smile!

It just felt so good…..  Nothing could top the moment.  And I thought, start your day with a smile.

This is what happened.  I’m on my Facebook page looking thru the newsfeed from my friends (yes, I do have friends there, some more personal than people I know in person and for years) and there’s this short video (I don’t watch long videos) of Channing Tatum being interviewed by a young woman that can’t speak!!  Just that makes my heart leap!  She’s doing an interview and she can’t speak!!  Doctor’s didn’t give her the encouragement of such a future.

Anyway…  When I watched the video, it made me so happy, and this smile just grew on my face.  I felt it.  In my heart, yes…..but I could ‘feel’ the smile growing on my face. You would think it’s the first time I ever smiled as I’m explaining it, but It is the growth of the smile. I’m still wearing it.

Then this simple cliche'(wish) but the idea … it comes of ‘starting your day with a smile’ pops up in my head.  Only, I felt it and it wasn’t a cliche’.  And I thought, how difficult was this. Not very.  How about putting out an effort to do this everyday!!!  Yes, I think there’s an effort involved.

Especially when you embark on making some change you wish to be habitual.  This video did me.  Touching but yet, not overly sweet or cute.  A moment where someone shows their strength doing something that they love and we perhaps take for granted.

Start your day with a smile.  Hey, go visit my Facebook page for October 18, 2016, look for the ‘short’ video of Channing and, well, smile.

Starting our day with a smile is FREE!!!  You like FREE!!!  Here it is!!!  SMILE!!!

The effort part comes in 2 paths; 1.)  We’re not doing it to start with,  2.) It does take an effort….I’m not talking about just sitting there with a forced dumbass smile on your face…I’m talking about a real heartfelt smile that comes from an outward source stimulating the inside. And this smile just grows.

So, what I’m gonna purpose to do is to find something the day before that will be the first thing I see in the morning to make me smile.  This will be an effort.  And, I can repeat some that just make it happen for me, and I encourage you to do the same.  If my efforts pay off as I expect, there may be another blog birthed from the experience.  Stay tuned.

You can’t buy the feeling of a heartfelt smile.  The one that just grows slowly over your face.  But, you can seek out the source, and make yourself a daily morning smile.


Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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