Good Morning From Mexico!!

Good Morning From Mexico!!

What’s new??? Everything is new….to me!

Growing accustomed to the change of living outside the U.S. is not a big deal.  I was thinking yesterday, “Where can I go to watch a movie in English?”  My follow-up thought was, “Why?  I didn’t go watch a movie that often when I lived in the states!”

I spent all day home Sunday.  Took a few naps. I didn’t do squat.  I can do this!  It’s not much of an effort.  Getting around in the vehicle involves a bit more caution, but that’s a good thing.

The money.  Pesos.  When I spend say, 40 pesos, I’m going…..oh, I need to watch my money.  40 pesos rounded up to keep it simple is $2!!!!!  I’m a bit wound too tight on that perhaps…….but I’m adjusting.

I’ve got a sunrise that I can enjoy every morning right from my bed on the second floor of mi Casa.  It’s not a struggle for me to do this.

The beaches……  This is a bit different than in Florida.  Florida beaches (except Naples) are easily accessed for the most part, if the beach is available.  You’d be surprised to know that there are not many beaches in the Florida Keys!  For real.  But, St. Petersburg…….mucho beaches!  Beautiful beaches.  Here not only is the access a bit more difficult, but they look a bit different.  There is some white sandy beach areas but at the waters edge it is more of a beige.  Yep beige.  And when the waves lap up on the shore, the water in most places is crystal clear.  Where it’s not is usually due to the seaweed. So, the sea floor is a little different there, but once you get past that it’s crystal clear again.


Stores.  They have stores here. There are local chains such as Mega and Cheduri.  But there is also Walmart, Sam’s, Costco, Home Depot, the likes of in the U.S., a bit on a smaller scale in size and inventory.  But, they are here, and no they don’t bring the English language with them. I have to bring my espanol, ha! Bless their hearts.

It’s Mexico!!

McDonald’s is here and so is Kentucky Fried Chicken.  No Taco Bell!!  Only the real thing.  Not a bad trade off there!  I was never much on those places back in the states so they really don’t matter to me here.  I’m more interested in the original cuisine.  Which reminds me……Guy Fieri has opened a restaurant in Playa del Carmen….I believe right there on 5th Avenue.  He’ll be in town cooking shortly.  There’s billboards advertising such along the highway.

There’s a casino not too far from mi case at a resort.  I haven’t made it there yet, perhaps when it’s rainy again I shall try my luck.  It’s a nice and inventing place from the outside.  Some of the resorts are a bit hidden in the ‘jungle’ while others stand out like, “Here! Over here!”

There are many beaches that are hidden away by the jungle and the roads that lead to their beauty are a bit treacherous!!  I found out shortly after crossing the border that I would not be concerning myself with any future front end alignments for my car……no sense in wasting money on that, 24 hours later, or a quick trip to the beach will obliterate the precision. Hehehehe.

There is plenty tequila here. This is Mexico!

There’s a friendliness and openness with the Mexican people.  It didn’t take long to make friends with the locals. It’s like they expect and see the good in others.  Now don’t get me wrong……I got some looks from a few amigos that could make a fellow feel uncomfortable, I just wouldn’t show them.  Putting an effort in to learning there customs and language is a challenge but is very rewarding.


Before I forget…..lunch time is about 2ish. This is Mexico!

Good Morning from Mexico!

This is my starting place and new home for traveling.  As a retiree with temporary residency I’m entitled to discounts on a lot of stuff, including airfares!!  I want to find my way thru Central America but first there’s things to learn of my new home and the first serious thing is the language.  I’m starting.  I had a full year of Spanish in college in Florida (a foreign language is required for a bachelors degree in Florida), 10 years ago…, I’m starting over. Once, I’m really comfortable with my communication skills in espanol, I’ll begin to venture out.  As it is I’m gonna make a short trip to Belize in a couple months just for the experience.  Probably fall in love with that country too.  The hardest thing I find is island hopping.  I’ll get to that at another date.

Mexico fits me well.

My Mexican casa is 2 stories 3 bedroom, 2 bath, a small pool outside the bedroom on the 2nd floor terrace, a viewing deck on top of the house (the 3rd floor), a balcony area on the east side of the upper bedroom floor. The main floor has the 2 bedrooms, bath, and kitchen……rather contemporary style too. Street parking. An outdoor shower on the rear patio, a dining area on the front patio.  Wifi, of course.  It’s a more than efficient palace.


Some of my habits from my previous life are hanging on……I just take advantage of them.  One is I still tend to wake up early.  I have been managing to get 8 hours or close about 70% of the time, plus with my naps….excuse me, siestas, I am well rested. So, the early rising allows me to write, work on my music, read, have a quick siesta and start my daylight portion of my day.  It’s a nice life.

I love my breakfast time wrapped in leisure.  Those morning hours dissolve in to midday and afternoon so effortlessly.

I love this new life……it’s a true adventure with no looking back!

Siesta time from Mexico!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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