What Do You Do When You Sell Only 1,000 Albums?

What Do You Do When You Sell Only 1,000 Albums?

Who are you?  How do you see yourself? What the ‘hell’ happened??

This gets better, or worse!!  You see there is a ‘future’ classic on this album!!  And the duo, the producer, the record label except for the distributor are dumbfounded and thinking of throwing in the towel.  Only 1,000 copies of the album have sold with a future rock ‘classic’ that will be covered by artist for the next half century. That will be part of movie scores.

When this ‘future’ classic starts playing…..it will catch you with it’s simple beginning, it will hold you with it’s lyrics, and it won’t let you go with it’s melody.

What a career start!! 1,000 albums sold with a future classic on board.

The producer, not to let up tinkered with the original recording……having some session musicians stay after a previously scheduled session with the prolific Bob Dylan to give the tune a listen and work out some parts.  Afterwards the producer conveyed what he had do to the song to one of the duo and was met with a shrug of the shoulders type response.   A bit later on this partner contacted his other half who met the news with a similar disregard.  They figured, what the heck…..jobs would be what they probably needed.

Miffed, pissed, angered, ticked off, furious…..were some of the emotions that knowing what had happened to this simple acoustic folk song.  Meanwhile this altered version was rocketing it’s way thru major U.S. radio markets…….blazing it’s way to Number 1!!!!  And the duo writer is still pissed!!!  He’s in England with an American 45 record and no fitting to play it on a record player that only plays 33’s!!!  So, when he does get a make shift adaptor together the record has a warbling effect as if things are out of tune and time!!!  FURIOUS!!!!  Even in England the song was catching on at a mind staggering pace! His beautiful folk song sounds like a peace of crap!  He calls the record company demanding it’s pulled while it is lighting up the radio stations and blazing its way up the charts.

You know these guys…..just not their struggle.  A simple but extremely talented duo that early on almost went their separate ways, Simon and Garfunkel. The song, “Sounds of Silence”.

Only 1,000 albums to start!!

Makes me think……how often do any of us walk away from success.  We don’t see it when we think we should but there’s elements at work that are beyond our recognition.

Needless to say Paul and Art became major players in the revolution of the 60’s music and social scene.  Perhaps not the way they had foreseen as they had a vision that was of a different path and nature.

Don’t give up, as there may be a detour that is greater than the one you want to hold.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my dream to chase……

Peace, Love, and Beaches (almost put rock n roll!)


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