Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I wouldn’t go there if I were you….that’s a bad area, place, country, etc. Nah……while that may be true in extreme circumstances I don’t believe that holds true in general.

Before moving to Mexico people were warning me about the crime.  Telling me I would be stopped by locals carrying guns demanding all my personal belongs, taking my SUV, and leaving me for the coyotes and buzzards on a patch of deserted dessert land.  Not only that but I kept reading the horror stories on line…..and reading of the curious soon to be travelers and expats allowing their imagination to run amuck!  Somewhere in there I would believe and other times the far end of the spectrum thinking these people should be writing drama novels!

Wrong place, wrong time…..

Getting mugged.  Heck, I don’t need to go to Mexico for that…..there’s plenty of place around St. Petersburg and Tampa to go to get mugged and some I may not know about…..after-all 16 years of living there isn’t a lifetime and I don’t all the places of trouble.

I could probably travel to New York City and get mugged in no time flat…..or Chicago.  That doesn’t make them bad cities……it’s just that crime isn’t prejudice to geography, or race!  Don’t go there!!!!!!  You know who you are.

So, despite all the warnings from all the caring people……I moved to Mexico.  Specifically the Yucatan Peninsula…..the state of Quintana Roo (I love that, Quintana Roo). It’s a very popular tourist destination. I don’t do tourist stuff much, I live here now and I’m not gonna do the tourist thing now.  If I were to buy tourist stuff for family members it would just sit here…….costly to mail/ship shit.  I’ve got beer to buy.

Wrong place, wrong time…..

You help the odds of finding trouble if you don’t go looking for it.  That’s one of the reasons I don’t do the tourist things.  That’s where the bad guys can find the highest number of marks.  Mark=victim.  Now, it is the low season, so most of the criminal element is on their vacation or traveled to another area where some affluence lives to ply their trade.  See, there’s a rhyme and reason to the criminal world.  What’s the sense of being a criminal with no one around to ply your criminality on!!!

Louisville Cardinals are beating North Carolina State 44 to 0 at half time!!!

Thus…..wrong place, wrong time…..

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time increases the odds of wrong stuff happening to someone.  Wrong place may be the busiest tourist attraction……because it holds the greatest potential for the criminal.  Wrong time……when the greatest number of criminals are available to ply their trade.  And realize this…..they are very good at being criminals.  A lot of them have pretty smiles too.  Well coiffured hair too.  Nice clothes too.

So, don’t believe in someone’s sad, scary stories!  They’ll more than likely you are to be cheated out of a fun and rewarding experience.

Besides, if you don’t call attention to yourself you’re less likely to find that sort of attention.

Now!  Go ahead and have a good time. It’s the right time, and the right place……   Stay safe now!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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