Just Stop It Will Ya!!

Just Stop It Will Ya!!

What on earth am I talking about!!  A peeve of mine.  Especially in this age of growing social media.

It seems there’s a majority of people that believe that everyone else should believe and think they way they do!  They being the people with their bombastic and belittling manners……bordering on bullying I guess one could say.  I’m not saying that I find them offensive, more like annoying.

What do they do, and how?  What did they do before this form of social media came about? Hell, I don’t know!!!  I’m not one of them!!  I don’t want to be one of them!!!  Soon, I can see where social media won’t be a large as it is today.  Those of us that have little tolerance for the grief they peddle will find other ways and places to interact with people.  Where?  In person!  I think that once we start thinking out of the box that we’ll go back to the old fashion way of communicating……face to face. Verbally over a communication device.

I also, think that if people would do a little research they would find that there’s a richer life in traveling instead of staying inside their four walls.  There’s a way……open your mind to all the possibilities.

Back to my topic at hand…….Just stop it will ya!!

Am I saying that people shouldn’t have an opinion or the opportunity to express it……No.  It’s a matter of delivery, honesty, openness, truth and temperament.

The delivery needs to be a bit more palatable.  It’s not my taste that one states whatever it is in an argumentative manner.  You ain’t gonna win me over.  Will I engage you?  No.  Why won’t I engage you?  Is it because I’m afraid of you?  Simply put, ‘no’.  I compare it to digging in the garbage…..you can’t do it without getting some on you. Simpler and more pleasant life.

Honesty.  It seems that their position is supported by hearsay, embellishments, belittling, lies, and the such. It’s rather obvious. And engaging them on that level (see paragraph above) doesn’t seem to make a difference.  Lowering one’s self to the level of such doesn’t seem to make a valid statement and thus is a waste of time.

Openness.  This doesn’t exist.  They are not on the social media and blasting their propaganda to find the truth!  They already have their version.  There will be no convincing them. That’s not their purpose for their efforts.

Just stop it will ya!!

Truth.  There may some truth in but it’s more about what their opinion is and what ‘they’ want to believe than what is the truth.  They have their brand of truth. They desperately want you to see it their way, join their side, be a proponent of their cause.  The truth isn’t the issue!!  Take a quick look at the political war that is front and center.  There isn’t much substance.  There isn’t much about the issues that our country faces.  It’s about how do they get you on their side…….truth is the cost.  Tickle your ears.  And then there’s that moment that you temporarily give in, side with them.  Then you feel dirty and deactivate your account until you come to your senses.


Their temperament.  You would think that their view point is a matter of life or death!!!  Sort of like religion (that too is a choosing of sides, another time).  Should you oppose their position, it’s scorched earth time!  They are relentless.  Should they view you as weak, they are unmerciful.

Me…..I like social media sometimes.  I’m rather tolerant of others views.  I don’t engage the individual in a position of antagonism.  Nor do I engage the fanatic or the individual who sees this as harmless little lies to promote their position, belief or cause.  I don’t do religion or politics. It makes life so much more bearable.

Just stop it will ya!!

I’ll leave it at that.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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