What Are They Not Telling Us! Mars?

What Are They Not Telling Us! Mars?

Perhaps you aren’t paying attention.  But there’s a really big focus and push on colonizing Mars! Just reading now where ESA had a duo craft exploration in process. One orbiting and one on the surface…..unfortunately the surface probe crashed.

Get this, here’s a list of folks looking to land and populate Mars; ESA, NASA, Space X, China, India, United Arab Emirates, and Japan!!! Aggressive!!

So, what are they not telling us????

All these countries with admitted interest in getting to Mars and some are very aggressive.  I’m sure there are other countries that have ambition but have kept quiet of their intentions.  Just the same, they are part of the race.

Then there’s Russia.  Russia is going to the moon.  Does that mean that they are foregoing Mars?  Hardly.  Here’s the way I see this panning out.  Russia wants to establish an outpost on the moon….this would allow them to be like ‘gate keepers’ to all the other planets, yes this includes Mars.  Perhaps they’ll set up a toll to get by.  Or check for interplanetary passports and question the intentions of the travelers.  I believe that Russia intends on regulating the inhabiting of Mars through their occupancy of the moon.  But, I think their intentions are much further reaching.  Alpa Centauri comes to mind.

Oh, and let’s not overlook alien invaders!  The alien invaders would first have to get past the Russian outpost.  I’m sure some sort of financial arrangements and possibly even some power in the invasion of our little planet.  There’s something to this!!!

Remember!!!  I brought this to your attention.

Not only, what are they not telling us?  But why???  Aha!!!!   There’s a lot of misdirection going on.  Distractions to mention just a few; elections, pollution, global warming, North Korean antics, Ukrainian comedians!!!  The list goes on!!!

What sort of cataclysmic event is on the horizon of time???  Peewee Herman President!  Bean Prime Minister! ISIS fund raisers in Catholic schools!!!  Global warming is proved to be false, it’s aliens injecting water in our atmosphere at night when no one is watching????  (The sea levels are rising!!!)  Whoopi Goldberg is president and Lindsey Lohan is Vice President along with Justin Bieber as Secretary of State and Joe Biden is still Joe Biden???  Martha Stewart is head of the FBI!!!!  Charlie Sheen, man in waiting.  (I don’t know……I just knew Charlie needed to be in here!)

Why?  Two things come to mind.  Money and Power!!!!  There’s gold and platinum to be found!  Opal!!!  And here’s something to be considered……a bunch of silicone valleys!!!  So, you see here’s a big motive.   Riches and Power!

We really need to pay attention to this Mars thingy. Should we put together our own venture!!!  We must survive!!!!  They can’t do it without us!!!  They need someone there to screw up their Taco Bell order!!!

So this rush to Mars has my attention and surely it should have yours by now.  I’m not opposed to our invasion of the ‘red planet’…….we saw what Matt Damon accomplished on Mars and I’m hopeful!  But, what if we can’t get everyone off this planet before dooms day???  Who gets left behind??  The elderly????  Hell, I’m one of them!!!  Before suspecting any others being left behind….I do have a great idea for that.  Let’s leave behind all the criminals (not the marijuana types) along with all the bad people not incarcerated and ISIS!!  Let ’em slug it out for the last minute rule of a planet waiting on its demise  Just a thought.

What are they not telling us?  And why? Mars, there’s something to this folks.

Have no fear!!!!   I will keep a close eye on this (possibly both eyes) and will update as soon as me and my minions get some more solid trustworthy information.

Til then!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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