Not Without Bug Bites!!!!

Not Without Bug Bites!!!!

Living in Mexico is quite affordable.  More so than in the U.S.  And the choices of where to stay, how long to stay, and the types of housing are varied.  A little investigating and reasoning on your part will go a long way to your Mexican reality.

I had read and studied for years on the prospects of retiring abroad…not just in Mexico but Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia to mention the biggies.  And I had formulated my existence here in Mexico without coming back to try it on for size.  And that is the problem, but it’s also ‘not’ the problem.  Seems as though I’m at odds with myself….it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

Not without bug bites!!!!

If you’re sitting on the fence or you’re waffling about whether to do it…….just do it!!!  (I want to take a moment and disassociate myself with any stupid decisions you may make after you having read this!)

Think of this.  If you have one foot on the boat and one foot on the pier and you’re being stretched…..what do you think would be the outcome?

Before you jump to my conclusion think on a few things first…..and above all you must be honest with yourself.  Can you divest yourself of much….think minimum of 85% of your monthly bills.  No matter how many times I tried and how optimistic I would be I couldn’t see myself with a mortgage on a home back in the states.  There’s all the ancillaries that go along with it and along with a mortgage will do some serious hindering to your traveling, unless you are independently wealthy.

To me, ridding myself of as much obligation as possible put my mind at ease.  A major undertaking no doubt.

Not without bug bites!!!!

What do I own that I can do without?  This may be harder than falling off the fence!  But, it’s actually very simple.  The Mexican government will give you some guidelines as to what you can and can’t bring in to the country.  Gun lovers…..forget it.  Your room and board will be a Mexican jail…….with no foreseeable comfortable solution.  I’m a musician, and I play several instruments…….well I was limited on my import of my collection.  I did without.

Clothes……you won’t need to pack everything you have.  They have clothes here at stores!!!  Same goes for your kitchen stuff!  despite what you may have read, there is deodorant, toothpaste, and other essentials available.  And no, they don’t come with a premium price.

Here is a short list of things I’ve found difficult to find…..sewing kit.  I needed to sew a button back on to my shorts.  Finding short pants!!!  For real!!!  I found some in a department store named ‘Liverpool’, $42.00 US.  I’ll wait for a trip back to the U.S.  Not much else for my taste and reasoning.

Not without bug bites!!!!

This is a pleasant place to call home.  Just don’t think of this being the U.S.  If you choose some other country, the same goes.  Yes, there are some rather bad experiences that some people have gone thru……and I don’t know why, they just did.  Here’s my philosophy, I just want to fit in, I won’t demand anything, I’ll go with the flow (less stress), I don’t want ‘any’ attention, I do not make direct eye contact with the police unless he is speaking to me, I stay close to the tourist areas…just not in the heart.  Live a simple life, it’s good.  If you are a demanding person, stay in the U.S. This is a land of good people…….but ‘ALWAYS’ give the TAXI driver the right of way!!!  ALWAYS!!!!

NOW!!!  What do the hell do I mean ‘not without bug bites!!!!’.   Last night this parade of some sort of ant decided to invade my house, it didn’t turnout so well for them.  There’s a very pretty moth that keeps getting in my house…….it stings, but it hasn’t turned out so well for them either.  Where I’m at, and I’m in the jungle I don’t have much of a mosquito problem.  There are sand fleas that you will no doubt disturb at the early and late hours on the beach.  Most of these you incur back in the U.S.  No biggie.

I’ve gotta go now!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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