There Is No Gulf Blvd. Here!

There Is No Gulf Blvd. Here!

Perhaps you don’t know what I mean.  Most coastal cities with vibrant beaches have some sort of ‘Gulf or Coastal Blvd.  Most places I’ve visited in the states……Mississippi, Alabama, the west coast of Florida have a ‘Gulf Boulevard’, I’m not sure what they call it on the east coast….A1A??

Anyway, there’s not a Gulf Blvd. or a Coastal road as we or I know it down here.  Every beach area is accessed from Highway 307 which runs the length of Quintana Roo to Belize.  But no beachfront road.

It’s been awkward for me ……….I used to have beach access all along the boulevards, but here, no boulevards.  Clearly it’s something I’m gonna have to get used to.

There is no gulf blvd here!!

There’s a real good side of this though……there is less, make that far less commercialism in this area.  The beaches aren’t populated with fast food stops, convenience stores, mega tourist shoppes, and that allows this coast to show itself off.  But, condos are plentiful. All appealing too!!




Follow me, you’ll see…….I’ll get accustomed to it.

To get to most beaches (I haven’t gone to Cancun yet…so I don’t know if this holds true there) you have to find a path thru the jungle.  Most thus far aren’t paved and they seem to be in groupings. There will be 2 to 4 paths to the available in a close proximity and then…….none for perhaps 10km!!!  So, the beaches aren’t easily accessible.  Some you pay a tool to negotiate the famous pot holes to view that special piece of paradise.

It’s worth it. Everything seems to be worth it….  And by the way, don’t rush.  The view that awaits ain’t going anywhere.  Sometimes there is a parking problem, mostly on Sundays it seems.  Then, just get there early or be patient.  People come and people go.

Here’s just a few of the beaches I’ve had the opportunity to pleasure; Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Paamul, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Chemuyil (right across from where I live… to play, less than a $1 per person) Xcacel, Tankah, and Tulum.  I think I may have left off a few…….but they all have something in common…….Caribbean beauty.

Before I forget…. across from where I live ‘Chemuyil’ has nude bathing…..not all.  I’ve seen ‘topless’.  I’ve been to this beach a number of times.

There is no gulf blvd. here and I’ll get accustomed to it. Yes, I will.

So that’s if….no blvd., but paradise abounds, and awaits!!!  Hasta la vista……baby!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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