Always Compete…….Always.

Always Compete…….Always.

I’m not talking about being some bombastic asshole.  I’m not talking about trying to obliterate the other guy whom you may be at odds with and I’m really not talking about a competition with someone.

Yes….you will have to compete against someone for something.  But……you can make it different.

This is what sparked this….   I’m an LSU fan.  I grew up in the shadows of Tiger Stadium……I keep coming back even when I get pissed off and say ‘no more, I’ve had it’, I come back.  And that isn’t the point either.  It’s an article I’ve just read about the new interim head coach at LSU, Coach Oeaux (Coach Ed Orgeron).

Always compete in real life.  It’s a process of making one’s self better.  Basically competing with yourself, showing up for what the day generously lays before us.  Can I do one thing better than I did yesterday?  I want to do one thing more than i did yesterday.  Can I be a better person, father, lover, worker, neighbor than I was yesterday.

This sort of approach and ‘attitude’ isn’t detrimental or opposing to anyone.  Because it’s based on me, it’s based on you and your effort to just be better.

Always compete…..always!

I love to read….so, I’m always aware that I get great ideas, motivations, and creativity from my readings.  So, it’s something that I look forward to….  When you realize something is good for you, you are attracted to it, you pursue it…….you love it.  For me, that’s reading.  It’s like I’m upgrading my mental software.

I saw a brief news video this morning.  I don’t look at many videos because I find them too easy and time consuming. So, I was originally just listening to the audio of the video while I ventured thru some of my correspondence.  But, the content demanded that I check it out.  What this guy did was turned the addictive part of his life….being cocaine and used that addictive component to focus on creating a new and prosperous life instead of one that landed him in prison and the lower end alleys of life.

This is a great example of someone competing against themselves.

I thought ‘wow’!!!  Harnessing the addictive component and putting it to use for the betterment of one’s self and others!!  Genius.  His competition was doing good rather than bad for himself.

So, I’ve come away today, just from these two sources with some excellent food for thought and motivation.  I never once considered using the mechanism of something bad (addiction) in a positive way.  Yes, I’ve previously educated myself on the ‘compete’ issue, but it’s the repetition that brings about the results.

Stay positive.  Bring my talents to today’s events.  Do better in all aspects.

Always Compete……Always.

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