Time For Something New

Time For Something New

So, you’ve settled in to life as an adult.  You got a job, a new car, a few nice credit cards…..maybe a condo or house or just possibly renting a quaint apartment….spouse or significant other.  Life is looking good. You’re fitting right in and loving it.

Imagine if you will, your life 15 years from now.  What’s changed?  Well, if you continue down this chosen path you will be entertained with children, more and deeper debt, a growing disenchantment with your career life, maybe a divorce (?), and stress.  The stress part in most cases is unrecognized because it builds gradually within the lifestyle.

Wanna look at 25 years down the road.  Doing the same old, same old?

Hey look!!!  It’s a kick at any point to get a nice raise, or a job promotion.  From there…..where?  A bigger house, fancier car, better clothes, more of more??

Time for something new.

This is what’s gone on for what seems to be the modern age.  It perpetuates itself.  Even visits from children seem to diminish as their responsibilities grow.  And you are their example.  Your parents were your example….even if you said you weren’t gonna be like them!  Perhaps you wanted to do better.  Well, you still joined the same club, you just added more junk.

We are the designers of our lives, foretell our future by what we do in the ‘now’ and plot the course consciously or subconsciously.  We are the authors!

When we have that ‘oh shit’ moment…..guess what?  We are in some ways a part of the originators of that ‘karma’.  As a side note of value here….don’t look to place blame, just focus on your solution.  Blame is a waste of time and has never solved any problem.

So life is sailing right along…..and you’re the passenger.  Look further down the road.  Look 40 years.  What has happened?  Roughly speaking you’ve sold 640,000 hours of your life to someone else to accomplish ‘their’ dream.  You settled for a lower rung because…..well because you didn’t know any better.  Honestly.   And while I’m being honest, I did much the same…..just less time.

Time for something new.

I know that the 6 people that are glancing over this post are thinking that it may be entertaining but it’s not relevant to their lives.  Okay, maybe not.  At least not as I described above……perhaps you are the dreamer and the others that work for you are fulfilling your dream for you.  Is that the ultimate?  Take a moment and take stock.

As recently as this morning realized that I had been missing out on something in life just by going after what I want.  Silly huh?  How?  This was something simple and a by-product of doing what I want to do.

I’m building a new life……I’ve moved to the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  The Riviera Maya!  Spectacular!  A beauty to behold. I get to see it everyday, live in it everyday.  And yet, I was missing something simple.  I never noticed the rain.  Sounds silly doesn’t it?

First realize, that to get to those lovely beaches, you must first go thru the ‘jungle’ to get there.  Jungle!!!  And once I took a moment to realize and accept that (since it’s part of nature and it ain’t going away) I recognized it’s unique beauty.  Add in the rain.  Quietly tapping on the leaves of the tropical plants, rolling down the trunk of a coconut palm tree…..I just gotten taken away.

Time for something new.

This experience has made me step back…..away from the rat race that I used to live in, step back from my tropical sunshine beach pursuit and recognized the ancillary amenities.  Remarkable.

Right where you’re at, you can do such.  Just allow yourself the freedom in your mind to experience such.

Also, think and question. I’m referring to your course.  Why wait till you’re retired to enjoy life, a hobby, a preferred career over your need to pay the bills.  There’s a way.  You’re the way.  You are a very powerful and creative individual.  Consider your energies, focus, and love.  Redirect for you.

Time for something new!


Peace, love and beaches,


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