Something Good Will Happen

Something Good Will Happen

It’s not time for an ‘oh shit’ moment, time to ‘give up’, time to ‘give in’…….nor any other negative response that may be the main go to.  It’s ‘something good will happen’.

Funny I started this with only the title just yesterday.  Today I get to put it in to practice.  What’s wrong???  What’s happened that I now must tell myself ‘something good will happen’.

That’s irrelevant.

What is relevant is that the solution is at hand.  And now I must harness that vibration for that reality.  As silly as it sounds, that’s exactly what I’m practicing right now.

3 things have happened in less than 12 hours that are not fun, and surely not what I want or need in my life.  I can’t sit here and go ‘whoa is me!’!!!!  That won’t get me out of this dilly I find myself in.  I do find it to be aggravating and frustrating right now! But, waddling in that won’t make the situations any better.  I have to be dealing in the real of solutions.  That’s where my thoughts need to be.  And just as I’m writing this I’ve about solved one situation and one of the others should fall in line shortly. The other one (the 3rd) is in the works too.

Something good will happen.

But, imagine if my thoughts were focused on what it’s wrong! The solution doesn’t lie there, the problem does.  I already am intimately familiar with the problems, I need to be intimately involved with the solutions.

Actually there’s a 4th problem.  You’ll notice it here in a moment.  This one I’ll tell you about and……that’s not the purpose of this posting. The purpose is the title.

The 4th problem is you’ll notice there’s no advertisements in this posting.  What happened was beyond the realm of my control and so is the solution.  I have put my best foot forward and dealt with the situation honestly and now I wait.

Someone, a well meaning someone(s) went thru all my posting and apparently clicked on ALL the advertisements in ALL my blog postings.  The way this works is I get paid by the click from Google.  Well, Google didn’t like this and has fairly disabled my advertising program with them.  I had a 1050% increase in one day!!!  So, they disabled my advertising….suspended until further notice.  Worst I could possibly also be delisted from their search engine.

So, I had to research the situation as to ‘why’ I had such a surge!  Image if you will the excitement I first enjoyed when I noticed that I had a ‘huge’ surge in viewership!!! Recently I had been tweaking my internet page trying to get more visibility and I figured it worked!!  So, when I checked my blog posting….the ads were missing, I went to my AdSense page and it was disabled, went to my email and found the email bearing the bad news.

I began diligently doing research and I really couldn’t come up with a tangible answer.  So I dug deeper.  I put together a special query in my Google Analytics and got a bit closer.  But still not ‘the answer’.  Then I had to send Google an appeal.  Now, I’m in the waiting period for the review of my appeal.  I feel optimistic, but nothing yet.  But………..

Something good will happen.

It’s not merely a state of mind…’s moving forward.  I must keep moving forward. Forward is where the future is and the future holds my new present and I see that present as a good thing.  If not, why go there?

Something good would not happen without the effort that would produce good results.  I’ve put forth a good effort on all 4 of my problems……something good will happen.

I’ll just keep moving forward.

I’m not a heights person, I like to drink …….I’m honest  All these are part and solution to my 4 problems.  Amen!  My house has 3 flights to it, I live on the second floor until moments ago…..I now live on the first floor.  Drinking and stairs don’t mix. Always put forth my best effort.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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