What Has Happened To The Truth?

What Has Happened To The Truth?

Truth—a verified or indisputable fact.

That’s one of the definitions on http://www.dictionary.com The one that I like best.  Ha!  I even get my choices of which definition best suits my desire.  I couldn’t do that in school!!!

Maybe I would say that adulthood is great, but I believe that pertains to all ‘…..hoods’ nowadays.

What has happened to the truth?

It seems there is varied truths out there.  It’s not limited to a personal argument with a spouse, lover, friend, or relative.  It’s much broader than that!  It runs the gamut of society!  He said/she said, maybe, well….sort of, and it goes on from there.

We all want to be right.  We all want to have it our way.  It’s a prevalent aspect of society today.  AND!!!!  And, it’s not limited by country borders. Someone in Bosnia has the truth about our candidates for President, 911, man’s walk on the moon…….I’m sure that there’s a take on the Cubs winning the World Series. Or did they really.  Could that be an absolute truth??

Is there an absolute, truism?  Is there an independent observer that can provide us with guidance to recognize ‘the truth’.

Can’t be religion, so don’t even go there.  There’s more lies and deception there than I care to chase.

Spiritualism… Nah, allows us each to follow our own truth.  We’re already there.  Gosh!

Even the referees of a football game can’t use the ‘t***h’ when calling a penalty!  Ask Jimbo Fisher!  I’m on his side on this!!!  Not enough to pay a share of his fine, but I’m on his side.

What has happened to the truth?

Can we enter some arena of life where ‘truth’ rules?  Not in our courts!  I’ve been there!!  The upside is that the personnel involved (judges and lawyers) are well versed in lying.

This is a dilemma.  I don’t have the answer.  If I did, there would be an opposition to it in the name of being ‘the truth’.  A vicious, very vicious circle.

Are we gonna come up to a conclusion in this writing?  Yes, I am.  I conclude that what’s true will continue to escape us…..that the art of bending and expressing will blossom into a cottage industry.  So, get your websites ready to help the unsuspecting develop and evolve their own version of the truth.  Right now, I sense the creative juices flowing on how to honestly capitalize on a very fruitful and prosperous dishonest venture.  Yeah, you read that right…..or is the proper word ‘write’.  We’ll not chase that rabbit.

Can we be truthful with one another.  Forsake this unreasonable need to be ‘right’ in all circumstances.  Do we need to join up with others sharing our mindset to accept our version.  Or can we be mature and investigative enough to choose otherwise.

Should we rename that word?

The answer ain’t here.  Besides, I gotta go.  Nature calls.  And that’s the truth!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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