How About Now!! That’s Right, Now!!

How About Now!! That’s Right, Now!!

Taking stock of things I want to do…..and resting that against what I have done.  I’ve lots more to do.

Yeah, there’s always something that to consider that may be in the way. But, is it really? I’ve got my thing going with immigrations in Mexico right now. Filed for my ‘Temporary Residency’ and learning my way thru the system along with becoming a more patient person.  Enjoying sights, sounds, events, food and people.  There’s a lot of pleasure hidden in plain sight.

Aggressiveness.  But controlled aggressiveness. Even further the aggressiveness is targeted at enjoying, learning, seeing and doing.  This is a rather spontaneous moment right now.  It’s like the writing of the addict that applied his addictive personality in a productive manner.  Not only did it serve him well, but others as well.  Now I’m seeing where aggressiveness can be applied in such a adventurous way.

So, how about now!! That’s right, now!!

Okay….there seems to be no better time than now.  Waiting for daylight…..depends on what I’m doing.  But there’s other things that can be accomplished, without even leaving my house!  Off the top of my head; writing this blog, writing my book, writing music, playing music, working thru my song list, finishing one of two of the 49 blog writings I started but never finished.  Even taking a nice siesta.  There’s lots I can do that I love, and want to do when it’s still dark outside.  I’ve 2 hours til sunrise!!  Oh, I can study Spanish, work on one of my websites……man!!!  There’s lots to do right here, right now!  And actually, I’m doing and enjoying one right at this very moment.

I don’t have a time structure anymore, I don’t have a productivity schedule anymore, I don’t answer to anyone anymore. I have ‘now’ to live in doing any of the things I’ve always wanted to do and maybe something I find a bit challenging.

This, I feel flowing thru me……life. After all, I wasn’t born to work, pay bills and live at someone else convenience looking forward to a weekend.

You know, strangely time has taken on to be something a bit different to me and it’s hard to explain.  Many times I don’t know what day of the week it is…..or the day of the month!!!  I’ve even lost the idea of what month it is!!!  This is being written on November the 4th, it’s highly likely that I’ll be on the beach a little later today enjoying a beverage and the Caribbean waters.  It’s NOVEMBER!!!  In Florida by mid October I’d be shutting down my swimming pool.

How about now!! That’s right, now!!

I’ve got some archeological sites to visit.  The Yucatan Pennisula is blessed with an abundance of Mayan ruins.  That’s something I need to blog about in the near future. The Mayan history and culture.

So, I’ve still got several more countries to invade a bit south of here which is on my agenda…..right now, I’m not allowed to leave the country until I’ve attained my ‘Temporary Residency’ unless I want to go back to the states and start all over.

I hope you enjoy reading of my adventures in Mexico and life as it is……  I more importantly hope that you can break some shackles and ‘explore’ what you want to do and live you ‘now’ as you would dream it to be!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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