Waiting On Inspiration………….

Waiting On Inspiration………….

I think we do this too often.  It becomes an excuse, a reliable excuse.  Writers use this a lot…….at least those that I know.  And they would rather write nothing at all, just wait for inspiration.

As a writer and a musician…..I’d wait and wait and wait.

Then one day I stopped waiting.

I made a decision I’d no longer wait on ‘inspiration’.

Waiting on inspiration……….

Here’s what I came across that changed the way I view creativity.  This quote. “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club!”   Jack London  

That changed me.  I write.  I write everyday.  Somedays more than others, somedays better than others. Nevertheless, I write.

I sit looking at my desk. A stapler, a cup, a pen, paper, coffee……..stuff on my desk.  I bring them to life.  They converse.  I keep it small to start with……there’s so much here I’m thinking.  I may start with the stapler and the cup.  Bring them to life, put a conversation together and not worried about the absurdity.  Real, just entertain myself with my imagination and the objects on my desk for at least 15 minutes.  I’m writing, I creative writing.  It’s an exercise.  I’m not gonna solve any world problems, and you may not get it.  I’m writing.

Each time I put forth an effort when I’m not inspired brings me closer to inspiration.  How?  It may be the creativity of a phrase that ‘sparks’. I didn’t feel inspired, but this phrase caught me in my forward momentum and there was my gem.

I no longer had to wait.

One of two things happens at that point.  One is I finish what I started (which I like because I’m gonna improve on what I’ve done thus far and besides, the spark is there in black and white). Or, I’ll jump right over to the morsel that lit the fire.  I don’t lose!

Waiting on inspiration……….

Will that technique work for you…… I believe it’s in the effort.  Nothing gets done without the doing!

We are the limit.  Our attitude and our effort.  So what if your draft is crap.  Not waiting gives control.  How can I take my crap and make it uncrappable perhaps.  That’s another exercise in creativity.  Am I wasting my time……I’m not, I’m closer to where I want to be just by doing what I love, loving what I do.  I’m looking for something and I may not know what it is……but I will when I see it.

You’re writing a novel and you notice that the passage you’re working on is moving away from what you wanted or expected.  Should you cut off that bit of creativity?  Or, perhaps chase the direction, cull it from your story and fulfill it’s moment, then at a later date review it.  It was the birth of creativity. Afterwards, return to the passage you were working on and see if there’s content there that led you away…..make a decision on how to proceed with that bit of analysis.

In the scope of life the same principal is true and can be applied.  I’m realizing that over the past few writings here that cumulatively I’ve got something going on….Using the addictive aspect, always compete, something new…..what about now and now chasing down inspiration.  Living life without bounds, finding the energy of life and riding it!!!

I’m inspired right now…..  I think that I may be a bit unconfined in this writing……a bit perhaps scattered (I notice I tend to do that), but I’m happy with what I’ve done.  I feel it!  It’s leading me, and I want to follow.

Thanks Jack.

It’s creativity, don’t suffocate it!  Go after it with a club!!

Happy creativity!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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