Here’s What’s On My Mind

Here’s What’s On My Mind

I’m wondering……what’s happened.  I’ve got more time on my hands but I don’t seem to be doing what I consider my primary passions.  Not to the extent that I walk away satisfied.  I’m distracted, perhaps it’s the new surroundings or just the fact that I’m experiencing such a freedom.

However, as I awoke this morning in my piece of paradise and lie in bed just enjoying the pleasure of no demands, I’m sort of taking stock in where my time is being spent.  That’s when I notice that I’m off the path I’d like to be on.

Am I spending too much time reading about Brad and Angelina, too much concern over Les Miles finding a new coaching gig, wondering what’s happening with ‘One Direction’, wishing The Beatles were still rocking, watching Miley Cyrus on The Voice, standing for the National Anthem, etc.

Here’s what’s on my mind.

So, what do I do?

Well, I’m not gonna just deprive myself of anything I want to do.  What I do believe I will do, is with all the pleasures that surround me, I’m gonna use them as treats for my accomplishments.

Here’s a bit more specific……I want to work on my music (great song ideas are playing thru me), write (I have my blogs and a few book ideas), paint (I really enjoy just imagining), and photography (I’ve an interest and I’ve the equipment)…  Oh I can’t leave out reading……I love reading!  These are the things I just want to do.  Perhaps I could get Brad or Angelina to come by for some pics??

Where does my time go???  Hang on I’ve got to check my Facebook page, Instagram, What’s App, Twitter, and Tumblr, etc.

I thought just a bit ago…….how much is out there to distract me?  Ha! I’m realizing that thinking that is also a distraction.

Here’s what’s on my mind.

I’ve a wonderful and rambling imagination.  It’s when I harness that imagination for a brief period that I’m taken to a special place.  Time doesn’t exist there.  It’s just me and my imagination.  There’s a freedom.  Much as when I’m meditating…..  Meditation is another thing that I find rewarding, but it’s also a rather challenging endeavor…….my mind rambles.  So, when I find that place where, in my mind….in my being that is quiet, I stay there.  Time really doesn’t exist, there.

All that I want to do exists in my imagination.  After all, I imagined myself living a Caribbean life and here I am.imageHere’s what’s on my mind.

Imagine that!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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