Bad Luck Verses Good Luck

Bad Luck Verses Good Luck

I’m reading an article on ‘success’, as to ‘when does it come’……early in life, midlife, late life.  And it got me to thinking about luck as the element of success.

How often have we thought, “oh they are so lucky…….. me, I’m not so lucky”?  Is that you or someone you know?  If so, hang with me, I believe I have the answer.

What is luck?  Can I get me some?  Can I choose my preference of luck?  Do I have to wait for luck?

Here’s the definition found at   luck – the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities.

Does the chance of ‘bad’ stop us from doing something we really want to do?  Perhaps we’ve tried our hand at an attractive endeavor and there was a unpleasant event or outcome.  That left us with a bad impression of venturing out in the future.

Is there some mysterious ‘window of opportunity’?  Could it possibly be that ‘good luck’ is prejudice of some people and attaches itself to them?  Maybe it’s positioned on the path to success like at a fork in the road?

Achievement is made up of good and bad luck……bad being the foundation that good is accomplished.  Failures are necessary in that we eliminate the components that aren’t essential to success.  Simple!  We must ‘endure’ the bad and use it to our benefit as a method that directs and keeps us on path.

Bad luck is a building block to good.

Keep on Keeping on is more than some motivational phrase.  It is our resilience!!

Be productive, be resilient!!

When we’re thinking of the reasons that what we want to do can’t be done……write those suckers down.  That’s our obstacles!!  Design the solutions to those problems!!  Focus there and do!

Life… it or leave it.   I just made that up!  Take it or leave it.  I didn’t make that up.  Some cliche’s are fashioned to make a point…….mine frankly is pointless. I don’t want to see you leave life, I want us all to live the fullest adventure our minds can imagine.  If we choose to focus on good, when the not so good comes along we’re too busy focused on the good of the adventure to be bothered with the not so good.

Compare this to a miner.  He’s looking for the loot, not all the dirt, rock and rubble.

Focus on our goal.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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