Make No……….Excuses!!!

Make No……….Excuses!!!

Make that your mindset and you will find that you are much less vulnerable to the ancillary activities of this world.  I did a while back.  Now that doesn’t go to say that those ancillary activities won’t have an impact on me, they would and you’re not exempt either.  But if depends on the focus and the will to continue the pursuit.

It is far too easy to succumb to applying blame on whatever it is that you or I use to make an excuse as to why we can’t do something.

Today is the day after the American election.  Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States of America come January 2017.  I…..I still have the same goals, the same desire, and have wakened to the same energy as I had towards the things I want to do!  In the midst of the chaos of the election I was doing what I wanted to do…..and finding the inspiration that I look for everyday.  Frankly, if Hilary Clinton would have won, the same would be taking place……I’d be pursuing my goals, living my dream and finding inspiration in my day.

Doing the things I want to do is my priority.  Sometimes I may stray a bit, then I’ll catch myself and redirect.  And there seems to be such an energy when I redirect, that energy fires up my motivation and there flows my inspiration.

Make no………Excuses!!!

Today lots of opinions and angst are being expressed.  I’ve none.  There is no doom and gloom to be mentioned here.  My focus is set.  I know what I want to do and as I continue towards that, it becomes clearer. I love my path, and just as a lover…..and feed it passionately. The value and reward is in the doing.

I make a new acquaintance.  I may temporarily venture along with them in their interests, there’s things to find there…….but I soon return to my path, because it’s mine.  That’s theirs.

There was quibbling before this election, there will be quibbling in its aftermath.  Should we all go about our business we would have a more fulfilling life, be much happier.  But some peoples point is that it still needs to be tended to, it’s our responsibility.  Personally I see it as my responsibility was to research the candidates……ALL and cast my vote accordingly.  I’ve hired these people with that vote!  I’ve delegated them to speak for me and look out for my best interest.  But, what if my guy/lady didn’t win.  I can’t do anything about that until the next election.  Fretting takes me away from the frets of my guitar.

Make no………Excuses!!!

Here’ something that’s up close and personal to me and I’ve allowed it to temporarily have a negative effect on me.  You’ll notice that there’s no advertisements in this article.  Should you look back thru my trove of blog postings you’ll notice the same and there will be gaps in the blogs…..that’s where the advertisements were.

On one day there was a 1050% surge in viewership and someone it seems clicked an abnormal amount of advertising viewing.  Google disabled my AdSense account and confiscated my money…….believe me, it was virtually pennies, this is a start-up operation.  So, for now until they see fit, and they may never….I can no longer use the Google AdSense program as a source of revenue.  Honestly I was bummed out, it’s closing in on 2 weeks that whatever and whoever did the deed that it’s been suspended. Making some extra dollars is a side benefit of the writing to me.  My lively hood doesn’t depend on it though.

Yesterday in my flow of inspiration and creativity I realized that Google is not the only game in town!!!  There’s other companies that have these same programs!!  Problem solved.

Make no……Excuses!!!

And the reason there is still no advertisement is my choice as of this moment.  And why?  I want to make a few changes and improve my site……expand the content and other aspects of blogging.  Now that is being done a quickly as I can understand and adapt those components.

I will continue and not be deterred.  I’ll continue my few grammar mistakes, misuse of words and maybe a few misspellings…….  Let others waste their time judging and miss out on the fun.

Focus on what you want to do!  If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, don’t sit around waiting to find out.  Do a quick inventory of your interest.  Do one.  I’ve always said, “On the way to where you want to go, don’t be surprised if something good happens.”  Go ahead.  Do it.

Make no……..excuses!!!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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