Too Many Distractions….Sometimes

Too Many Distractions….Sometimes

It doesn’t take much.  Just a piece of something that grabs our interest and it’s done.  We’re distracted.  Why does that happen?  Are we looking for a distraction?  Subconsciously?

It happens.  I’ve got no explanation for it either.

There we are minding our own business and Hillary Clinton comes to mind, Donald Trump comes to mind……sex comes to mind (that’s a little more like it!), FOOD comes to mind, sister, brother, parent, school, bills, jobs…….they come to mind and have an uninvited effect.  I still don’t have an explanation.

I did a bit of snorkeling today.  Where did that come from?  I just took a quick look at my Facebook page because there was a notice there and I thought…….it was rather nice snorkeling today.  I guess you could say I’m weak.

Too many distractions…….sometimes.

I briefly saw where people were rioting because of the election results.  They were bashing peoples cars, businesses windows, looting, etc.  Sad.  I really don’t want that distracting me.  I can’t do anything about it.  Then my thought goes to ‘if they are destroying other peoples property while protesting, why not destroy theirs!!!!’  After all, they don’t have to go anywhere.

At the beach today…..a new place. A short distance walk I discovered an formerly beautiful resort area.  Formerly because, well it’s a tad torn and tattered.  Apparently a victim of a hurricane years back.  I found it intriguing.


Where was I going with this topic.

Oh!!!  Too many distractions……..sometimes.

We live in a busy world, friends and relatives are always via for our attention…….that’s a distraction by the way.  No it isn’t you say?  Well then, what was it you were doing when they ‘distracted’ you.

Seriously, I get distracted by anything.  Someone was talking with me just the other day and I noticed a horsefly had gotten in my car!!!  A fly!!!  Although flies are always a distraction.

I guess it’s just that I get distracted a lot.  And I’m paying close attention to try and stay focused.  But, honestly I believe just the time we live in and the accesses to people and information is such a greater distraction than it was ……..years ago.  Don’t want to blabber my age out here……that may become a distraction.

Peace, love, and beaches,

Distracted John……hehehehehe

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