I Have To Remember…………..!!

I Have To Remember

This is gonna sound silly.  But, I have to remember what I’m really setting out to do.  I want to travel, not nest.  Yes, I understand to see all the things I want to see here, it will take time.  And I shouldn’t be too anxious.  It’s more about the experience than just saying, “I did it!”

So, today I’ll start planning what it is I want to do and experience here in Mexico….there’s a lot more to Mexico than just the Riviera Maya.  How much of Mexico do I want to discover.  So…….I’m thinking I’ll have to combine two issues; 1.) Time, 2.) What to see and where to go?


Right now I’m just getting a taste of the area and living a bit carefree.  But I do need to be attentive.  Attentive to my music, my writings, paintings, etc.  And most of what I acquire here, I will have to leave behind.  At least that’s my thoughts right now.

So, where else is there that I want to go?  I’d like to next visit all the countries of Central America; Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica.  From there, South America…..Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.  Yeah, I know, I’m leaving some out. A bit of unrest there.  So, I keep an eye on the U.S. State Department advisories.

But it doesn’t end there!  Europe…..all Europe!  Great Britain!  Liverpool and London are a must. I’ll see more though.

Then I’d also like to go to eastern and southeastern Asia.

So, why Mexico first and why attain residency?  It’s very cost effective to live here in Mexico…..in most every aspect.  Except if I want to duplicate my life from the U.S., that’s more costly.  I can fly from Mexico much cheaper than the U.S.  I can attain a second passport, a Mexican one.  This allows a bit more freedom and is a safety net that if the U.S. passport is revoked for whatever reason (from what I understand a reason is not necessary), I’d still be able to get about on my Mexican passport.

What I’m thinking of doing though is setting up house for a year here in Mexico and make this my base.  I’m not far from the Belize border, so it’s highly likely that I can drive that for a week or two visit.  I’m not sure of what the roads hold, so I may be flying to the other countries.

I’ve got a prejudice I need to overcome.  I’m a coastal person and there’s lots to see and experience inland.  I’m working on that.

During this one year period I’ll pursue my music, writing and recording the music I’m feeling.  I’ll also write my blog and I’ve a couple ideas for books in mind.

I’m really not pressed for anything.  That makes things so much more enjoyable.  Yet without a self-imposed deadline, say for my CD and book, I’ll never get anything accomplished.

I have to remember…..

I’m remembering and I’ll get it together while having fun with a little less tequila perhaps.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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