How To Make and Keep Your Life Small

How To Make and Keep Your Life Small

Why in the ‘Hell’ would anyone want to do that??  Why wouldn’t they want to live their life to the fullest??  Be and explore in a style befitting a well lived life?  Well?

Maybe the simple answer is they like to feel sorry for themselves and have others feel sorry for them.  Maybe.

Perhaps they like the fight of being an underdog!  I don’t think so, we’re all enough of an underdog in our lives that we don’t need to make it harder.

I’m not picking out one specific person.  I’m leaving that open to encompass all of us and we can figure out whether we are keeping ourselves down and make a new (hopefully) decision from there.

Here’s an idea of what I referring to.  I recently had a conversation where a friend was blaming an elected official that hadn’t been in office yet on their problems and how once the individual gets in office that their life is gonna be so much more miserable.  That’s it!  Right there!

I didn’t interfere.  Hell no!  This individual is laying the path of their future, it’s actually what they want. Who am I to stop them?!!  To interfere is a waste of time, and frankly I don’t want to enter that argument. Besides  their position is not superficial.  They have an issue with life no matter who is the elected official. How do they say that???  Drama!!

How to make and keep your life small.

Half empty or half full?img_2232 Neither, I just had it refilled.

The fault isn’t and will not be on any elected officials.  It’s you!  Plain and simple, you!

Callous ain’t I.

But wait, I’m subject to the rule of government just as anyone else.

People, there’s always a way to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  You have to reach out for it, just as you’ve reached out for misery.  Both take the same effort.  Change the way you think, you change the results of your life.  But that’s too simple.  Should something……being part of life that we all live……not go just right it seems we have to blame someone other than realize we’ve hit a temporary detour so learn and enjoy the adventure.

If you can’t get the point… this.  Write down all the negative things you experience in life.  Then ask yourself if they worsen or improve with the empowerment of an elected official.  Afterwards, just step back for a moment and evaluate……what parts of this is in your control and what parts aren’t in your control.  Now, the parts that you can’t control in your personal life, leave them alone and focus on the parts that you can control. Don’t argue the point just live the point.  You’re pursuing your happiness and that’s what empowers you. If you think it’s not fair that you can’t control certain things……friend, that’s nothing new in anyone’s life.

So let’s just say you agree to a certain extent.  (Yeah me!)  But, you say ‘what about the less fortunate than you’. My reply is they have the same resources as you and they in turn will find their way according to their desire.

How to make and keep your life small.

We all have the ability to make our life as we see it……and probably do.  I lost the ‘woe is me’ attitude long ago and replaced it with ‘I can do that too’.  So should you.  Do I have everything I’d like to have in life?  No, I’m not done living.

Money, lifestyle, profession, ownership of things, aren’t the answers…….focus on you. What you want to be, who you want to be to give you the flexibility to have and have not and not be phased.

If after reading you can’t figure it out…….keep moving your life forward and one day it will be figured out for you.  The key is moving forward. There’s answers around the corner.  And, come back and read this again and again and ……..again.

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Peace, love, and beaches,


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