I’ve Got My Official Mexican Residency

I’ve Got My Official Mexican Residency

It took a bit of doing, but it’s done!  Feeling good about this too.  It’s back dated to the entry date of the country…..so, in 9 months I’ll be starting the renewal process.

Yeah, 4 years of Temporary Residency then I become permanent.  Their rules, I don’t mind.  I could’ve applied for Permanent Residency…..just a bit more costly and the Mexican Consulate officer in Orlando, Florida suggested this path.  Seems there may be some doings in Mexico to change the 4 year thing to a 2 year thing.

So, what does this mean.  I’m not completely sure, but I do know this much…….it’s like an AARP card so I’ll be taking advantage of discounts at restaurants, travel, shows, tourist attractions and the like.  I thought originally that I would need it for property ownership but that’s not so……many Canadian friends own property and are not of any residency status.  But, I’m not sure I want to buy anything here.

img_2405          I’ve got my official Mexican Residency.

I really haven’t scratched the surface of things to explore here……but I do feel like I’m a tad more free to move around the country.  I drove my SUV here so I’ve got transportation.  So I’ll be off sightseeing at as many Mayan Ruins as I can possibly see!

Planning my first trip out of the country sometime in January or early February.  Heading down to Belize.  I want to visit, experience it’s beauty and charm and check out the roads to venture thru Central America driving.  There will be pictures here and on my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. pages.  You won’t be able to miss any of it.

But for now, I’ve got Mexican beaches washed with the Caribbean to enjoy along with the jungles and it’s habitat.

Moving to Puerto Aventuras in December and I will be living in the jungle beachside on a golf course! How about that!!!  You know it, pictures will follow.

I’ve got my official Mexican Residency!

Puerto Aventuras is 2 parts…..the jungle, beach side and the pueblo over the highway.  A lot of places are like that here. It does cost a little more to choose the beach side. But the convenience is worth the price.  A friend of mine is leasing out his house thru airbnb.com and renting a 2 bedroom house in the Puerto Aventuras Pueblo for $300 per month!!  If the right opportunity arises for him, I’m sure he’ll find a way to buy that house and lease it too.  That’ll pay for more than all his needs!  Seriously.

Should the right property fancy me, I’ll do the same.

So, I’m a Mexican resident.  Not to be confused with a Mexican citizen, nor have I given up my American citizenship.  Not doing that, no matter who is the president.

The adventure just got more strength.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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