The Truth Will Win Out! Eventually…

The Truth Will Win Out! Eventually…

I was reading an article in The Wall Street Journal this morning about the social media companies having to confront the misinformation blast that are steadily streamed through their sites.  Though.  How in the ‘hell’ is that crap reigned in??  Freedom of speech being what it is. Some sites are less than newsworthy ‘news sites’ others proclaim (in fine print) that they are a satirical site.

I’ve watched over this past election at some of the ‘crap’ that was floated as news and the people that latched on to it as is it were from the very mouth of God!!  Some of the stuff was so ridiculous that even my DSC_00525 year old grandson wouldn’t believe!  Yet, grown adults were promoting the ridiculous as though, shame on you for not getting it and getting on the band wagon!

I must say now……that the satirical sites were a blast no matter which candidate they were bafooning!  I had to laugh, I think I may have even shared one or two thru my social media sites.

Perhaps Donald Trump is an alien from outer space, and Hillary Clinton does fly a broomstick!  If that’s your basis for voting for a candidate, you need to be sent into outer space on a broomstick!

The truth will win out! Eventually…

Actually none of this stuff is new.  It’s the media and the far reaches that empower it and make it so prominent.

So, what are the social networks to do?  Parsing the news feeds to accommodate their version of the truth!  Should they start posting a warning with the posting?

Facebook got hounded for possibly filtering out conservative news earlier in the year and true or not took steps to make sure that it wasn’t taking place.

These social media sites take the news more serious than the news media.  The social media sites want to be your source for everything!  Credibility!  That’s what they need, credibility.  And that’s what they will work for harder than any news organization.  Likely, they will attain it too.

818The truth will win out! Eventually…

At one point in the article the suggestion was floated that the reader should determine what is true and what isn’t.  That’s a double edged sword in that the reader determines what’s the truth as the alternative the social media determining what’s the truth.  That makes the center of my brain itch, and I can’t satisfy that.

So what is the answer?  I don’t believe the media can be trusted with dissemination of the truth whether it’s news media or social media.  But, I do believe as I said earlier that social media will strive more for credibility.

There’s an entertainment value in the bogus articles.  I know of people that re-post these articles with that intention.  And frankly, it’s not their responsibility for how the reader digests that article.  I’m sure that in some cases they are doing it for the entertainment value……then we have the others that to them it’s the gospel truth.

Out of this chaos, a new norm will be established.

The conclusion is that……well, we are all responsible for getting to the truth.  More than just choosing the side of an argument that’s appealing to some aspect of our character, upbringing, religion or social beliefs.

The truth,……is in our hands.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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