Let’s All Think For Ourselves….

Let’s All Think For Ourselves….

I admire the actors.  They make me believe.  They take me on an adventure via their character.  I get so caught up in their talent being played out in front of me that I tend to forget that outside that character they are who ‘they’ are.

I get all caught up in music.  A song can take me by my heart and escort me to another time and place.  Music soothes me and embraces me……assures me of my peace no matter the message.  Melody is a medication for any situation. Outside the music they are who ‘they’ are.

A good book will make me cry, smile, laugh, cheer, and will convey a scene and emotion that takes me over in that moment.  The writer knows how to take me by the hand and allow me to explore their adventure. Outside that book they are who ‘they’ are.

But, let’s all think for ourselves.

What do I mean when I say outside of their talent ‘they are who they are’.  They are just like you and I.  We get swept away by their talent, charm and charisma.  We may be dumbfounded that our favorite actor outside of their roll isn’t a very good conversationalist.  Take them outside that world of entertainment and they are basically you.  Having all the same confidences and oh yes, all the same faults.  They are us with a special talent

So, what qualifies them to speak as experts on climate, elections, social commentary, world events……what?

Their celebrity.  That’s the difference, their celebrity.

I’m glad that they get involved, share their concerns and opinions.  And it’s their right and their exercise of freedom.  I like that.  But are we in our minds eye portraying them as the character that we believe in during their last performance or our favorite performance?

Let’s all think for ourselves…

Many of these entertainers I admire but can’t agree with them in the social arena.  I’m alright with that.  I’m not gonna boycott their movie, music, are books. Why deprive myself of the quality of entertainment just because we don’t see eye to eye on an issue or two?  I’m not in to cheating myself out of pleasures that aren’t related to the basis of my disagreement.

You may say, “But John, endorsing their product is enabling them to continue to speak out!”  Don’t think for a moment that any product or service you buy or any entertainment you enjoy is exclusive to your belief 100%.  That…..is unrealistic.  Besides, your argument to me on that basis goes in one ear (maybe) and out the other.  Don’t waste your breath or data entry time.

Besides, I’m gonna think as I want to think regardless of their endorsement of whatever!!!  I’m not gonna cheat myself out of a great move, song, or book because a belief difference.

Let’s all think for ourselves…

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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