Puerto Aventuras……My Next Home

Puerto Aventuras……My Next Home

In right under 2 weeks I’ll be in a new mansion.  This will still be in the jungle (can’t get away from that) on a golf course about a half kilometer or so from the beach.  Hopefully.  The hopefully part is that I’m ‘not’ in it yet and should the ownership decide otherwise, I’ll be looking for a place.  This is Mexico.

Puerto Aventuras also known as PA is a really nicely enclosed community on the beach side of the Highway 307.  There’s an entry way that is manned. When I enter I must tell them my purpose for wanting to come to PA.  There’s a barrier and a fine for hitting the barrier of $3500 pesos (about $170 U.S.).  There is a carded gate for residents for their convenience …….I’ll have mine shortly.  All workers that come and go must go thru a separate carded entry.  Everyone is accounted for that comes and goes.

While it’s inconvenient for right now visiting, it’s also a comfort for living in there.  PA is also surrounded by a very, very tall fence.  This area is a little different than all the other beach side towns and resorts.  There’s multiple resorts within PA, a central area for shops that is really quaint and an enjoyable walk. Lots of different shoppes. Yesterday we visited  Latitude 20.  It’s a moderately sized waterfront cafe with a small but eager menu.  Now, it’s waterfront but not to  the Caribbean……  This is a dolphin park where you can canoe along side with the dolphins, pet the dolphins, play with the dolphins, swim with the dolphins……it’s an interesting array of activities that people engage in with these lovely creatures.  The thing that astounds me is their intelligence and warmth.  Very friendly and aware of their human counterpart.

This park winds it’s way thru the central portion of PA.  There’s gift shops galore with a unique array of Mexican and Mayan goods.  From clothes, hats, candies, and liquors……they’ve got it here.  There’s also a large restaurant within the dolphin complex.  To see the dolphins and take pictures you don’t have to pay!!  Just stroll waterside and there they are!  img_2490

It’s a very quiet are despite having such a large influx of vacationers as well as the abundance of restaurants and bars……and then there’s the beach!!!  Remarkable!


I guess this will be like a Christmas present……I’ll take it!

There’s more to this gem that I’ll share as I indulge myself…..coming soon.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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