Me As President of the United States!

Me As President of the United States!

Image that will ya!!  Me in the White House!!  I can hear it now, “All You Need Is Love” being continually played over the speaker and phone system in the White House!  Now we’re talking!!  I’m sure they have a hip sound system there!  If not, that would be my first executive order to have one put in…….no waiting for Congress!!  Bunch of stiffs!

Prohibition of marijuana would be over.  I’m not a smoker, but…….I did in my younger days and I liked it, my friends liked it and there was no hangover in the morning! Just a lot of pizza boxes and chip bags to put in the trash.  I’m a brownie eater……spiced brownie eater.

Do you realize the dynamic impact that legalization of marijuana would have on our economy???  I’d venture to say that, and I’m estimating conservatively here that most restaurants would get at least a 15% bump in revenues!!!  McDonald’s probably 25%.

Me as President of the United States!


I’d be tough on crime and violence.

Round ’em up!  All the violent and incarcerated negative people of society.  Round ’em up and and let’s find an uninhabited island, surrounded by shark infested waters, put all these incorrigible folks on the island and let ’em have at it.  It’s there’s to live on and rule.  Snakes, there’s an island inhabited with just snakes, let’s use that island.  They can manage their conjugal visits among themselves to the bitter end.

Unmerciful on the issue of crime and violence.  I don’t like it and I don’t want it!  We need a country of peace. I’d also reach out to other countries on the issue of crime and…….what the heck, let them use that little piece of paradise to place their underlings of society too!!!  This would promote harmony amongst all nations.

Me as President of the United States!

Healthcare.  I’d have to dismiss the ‘capitalism’ aspect of healthcare.  Sorry.  I believe that so much more progress and quality in the healthcare field can be attained if filthy lucre wasn’t in the equation.  A drug that would benefit mankind would no longer hold mankind hostage to the all mighty dollar.

Short cut the regulatory system.  The motivation is the healing of the ill….not monetizing.  I’m still for safety, but I don’t believe the present system is design with safety as it’s primary motivation.

Let me say that I do believe there is a place for capitalism, just not in healthcare or education.  No aspect of healthcare or education would be subject to capitalism.

I’m ill, fix me.  You’re ill, fix you.

Me as President of the United States!

Briefly mentioned above….education.  I don’t believe that education should be looked at as something that is unaffordable.  It is.  Students and their parents have to take on so much debt.  They become a prisoner of the system that’s milking them of their earnings.  It’s shameful is what it is.

Do I have the absolute answer to this dilemma?  Not hardly.  But I’d consult the great minds that do.  You may be one of them.  HEY!!!!  Don’t sell yourself short!

Me as President of the United States!

This is my starting points……I can make a difference and so can you!!

Let’s put our minds together and make America grate again!!!  Grating is a lost art, we need to bring it back, that’s all I’m saying.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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