You and I Determine What’s Bad or Good

You and I Determine What’s Bad or Good

Things happen that are out of our control.  Then we either judge the moment or we’ve prejudge the outcomes.  And it seems that the coloring of our judgement paves the quality of our acceptance.  It’s a fork in the road.

I like peanut butter. And I like jelly. But, I don’t like peanut butter and jelly together.  Now, what does that have to do with what I writing about.  Nothing, I just thought of it so I wrote it. Is that ‘bad’ or ‘good’.  How does it effect your day, your thinking…….your happiness.  Hopefully it’s inconsequential and so should a lot of other shit.

Years ago in Largo, Florida I was rear-ended at a traffic light.  I was stopped and the truck behind me, well it didn’t. BANG!  I had just recently bought this Mercedes Benz.  There were some minor problems with the car but, I paid $1,700 for it with around 70,000 miles.  Too good to be true. Right.  We’ll it got me around, the sunroof leaked a little but I got the hang of it.  After all, I was driving a Mercedes Benz.  The insurance company totaled the car.  I was a bit disappointed, it didn’t seem that bad…….and when it was all said and done it wasn’t bad, it was good.  I got a check from the insurance company for $4,870!!!  A whopping profit of $3,170!!!

You and I determine what’s bad or good.

I could give you a few more examples but I won’t.  I’ll skip to what’s at hand here and now.

We had an election and the results were…….well unexpected.  The reaction, ridiculous.  But what if, in disguise it’s the accident in the paragraph above.  If you have a tendency to argue it’s bad at this moment, get a grip and STOP IT!!!!

Find in your life the good and focus there……..the biggest impact another has on your life and it’s outcomes is what you allow.

The day after the election the sun came up when it was supposed to, the alarm clock rang when it was supposed to, you told your spouse or significant other you loved them like you did the day before, night time came as usual, the normally scheduled TV shows returned to their time slots, the bank opened and closed in usual manner, the work coffee was still subpar and the drive to work… usual it was a bitch.

Yet this unexpected result (even from both candidates) has turned you upside down!! But everything is the same……..DON’T ARGUE WITH ME!!!!  It’s the same and it will be the same January 21, 2017!!!  You have more control in your life than you give yourself credit for, don’t relinquish it.

But what about this right and that right…….people are in ‘danger’ with the upcoming government change.  Hold on, other than the news media telling you something that you swallowed like ‘bad medicine’, what source (and I’m not talking about the gossiping next door neighbor), what source is where you’re getting this oh so bad report.  Look into it……  Don’t be someone that believes what this media spoon feeds you, don’t fall prey to the belief that one political party is better than the other, and don’t be bullied in to going along with the crowd.  Give yourself some credit.

My gosh. Donald Trump takes his family to dinner without the press being invited and you’d think that World War III has broken out!!!  Are you moved by this…….if so, get a life and take your family out to a private dinner and don’t tell your friends (never mind the press, but if necessary tell them not to tag along).

I’m looking back on the course of events and I’m befuddled.  The candidates! Both thought that Hillary would be the next President of the United States!!!  Both are shocked at the outcome!  I can’t say either one deserves the mantle of leadership but it is what it is.  If you’re one that crying or one that’s gloating, get over it and get on with your life.

You’re in charge.  Take charge!

Put good stuff in, get good stuff out.  Simple.

You and I determine what’s bad or good.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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