His Girthiness Part III…..(The Saga Continues)

His Girthiness Part III

I’m at it again!! Yep!

I’m facing another failure on my road to success!  That’s right success.

I haven’t done well in the weight loss effort.  Probably because my effort was more ‘effortless’!!  Not in the sense that it was easy, but rather that it lacked effort.  Further down you’ll experience a rather unflattering picture of me, for that I apologize. But it’s reality.

His girthiness.  That’s my name for me when I realize my overweight status.  Rather polite to myself there.

I’m renewing my effort.  There’s two happenings that make this time different. Both have been written about in my blogs.  That is ‘being young’ and seeing myself in a mirror at a department store yet again and thinking, that’s not me!!!!

So, I find myself in a really unique place physically and mentally.  I’m free of a lot of life issues that have bogged me down in the past……leaving me without excuses.  That’s a good place.  One I need to take advantage of.

I’ve begun by first starting a research of foods and it’s impact on the body….organs and cellular regeneration.  The other is losing weight.  On the first day which was yesterday I felt I did good. I thought I might have done better, but I’ll take whatever progress I can get!

So, I began exercising.  I started moderately with my kettle ball and plenty of walking.  And guess what, I walked 6 miles!!!  I enjoyed it too!!  Gonna do much the same today!

Presenting, His Girthiness!

Here’s what I’m working with:img_1996img_1997

So, nothing to brag about here…….hehehehehe

I’m also modifying my diet.  That beverage in my hand, while not being cut out completely is being scaled back greatly.

One BIG modification is to not eat until I have to pull myself up from the chair.  To know when to say ‘when’!  A little common sense……the foods not going anywhere.  Each meal doesn’t have to be look at as if it may be my last!!!

His girthiness!!

New habits, to serve my long term life purpose……to outlive you all!

I’m not gonna make any efforts in losing weight be punitive to me.  Everything has to be in line with my life in my Caribbean paradise.  I’m not a fast food eater, so that’s a big plus.  But since I’ve been here, 2 short months, I’ve basically been a glutton.

I have a page on my blog site once again to publish my results.  I’ve got to hold myself accountable.  I’m gonna do some more research and studying as I march along and that information I’ll be passing on also.  Plus I’m gonna include this in my Newsletter.  If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet do it today!!  My goal is to make it entertaining and fun. Suggestions welcome.

My starting point is; 215.4 pounds, 31.9% body fat, 25.6% muscle mass, 55.1% water.

I’ll be sharing my successes, failures, progress, diet discoveries and a few exercises that I find highly effective.

Ready, set, …….I started.

Peace, love and beaches,



  1. I believe you can do this John. You are certainly inspiring! I’ll be watching and reading about your “girthiness”. Maybe I will pick up a few hints from you. After all, we are not what we used to be, but we are as good as we once were. P&L

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