Just Deal With It………!!!

Just Deal With It!

A sequence of events and a view.

So, I’ve was reading the other day….NO!!!! I was out and about doing things and having fun.  When I came across the idea that I wanted to be young…..just out and about.  What the hell!!!  At my age be young!  Very well, if I can think it, I can be it, right!!  Then what followed next was a quick glimpse in a mirror on a shopping venture.  Aaaaaaccck!!!

So, I starting looking into foods and there effect on nourishing my body and cellular rejuvenation.  Also, visited my scale…….  Okay.  I’ve not a handle on any of this, YET!!  “His Girthiness” has to face up to his lackadaisical approach, shed off some of the not so good habits and focus on the recreation of ME!

Just deal with it!

Today, I’ll revisit my page here on my weight.  It won’t be pretty, but I’ll have to man up to the situation.  I’ll even post an unflattering photo I recently took.  Not so much to shame me, but to face the reality and call it my starting point.dsc_0368a There’s more, sorry.

I wrote someone recently that I really don’t have the pressures of the outside world to violate me.  And that’s a freeing revelation.

So, I’m developing a diet and exercise regime as I go and documenting it……along with my shortcomings too.  After all, honesty with ones-self isn’t being dishonest with others.  And I believe that being prudent, honest, and broadcasting my peril will keep me in check.

Just deal with it!

I already know my weaknesses.  My weaknesses are where I hide and also where I have fun, or at least I think I have fun.  So, I’ll have to exploit those and shine a bit of light there and suffer thru a short embarrassment. The photo I’ll post later will be embarrassment enough.  I so dread it!!

I have to face this with honesty and consistency.  Along with some changes, and I’m liking the changes that I’m exploring.  Even though it’s a short time in developing and the reading is a tad taxing, I’m motivated.

Perhaps I’ll, poke a bit of fun at myself to ease the pain.

No doubt I’ll include a section in my newsletter starting in December.

Oh, if you hadn’t signed up for my newsletter, please do.  I’ll be publishing it on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Working on making it an entertaining delight.

So, I have to ‘just deal with it’!  If not, I’ll not get it done.  I guess it’s part of the lifestyle change that I’ll need for traveling and seeing some of this dusty planet before I shuffle on off.

To summarize…….I’ll be getting young and losing weight.

Signed, “His Girthiness”

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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