I Don’t Have To Be Rich…….

I Don’t Have To Be Rich…….

Life seems to be so misunderstood from so many different perspectives from so many different people.  And I think that includes all of us.

I know I even as of recently thought that people that live away from their homes were otherworldly……..rich!!


I watch through growing relationships with many friends abroad.  They just had such a way, a freedom, an adventure that I felt lacking!  But I also thought as I watched on, how can they do that!  How can they travel abroad as often and as long as they do.  I admit there was a lot of jealousy on my part.

I don’t have to be rich….

So……..how can I do what others do?  I don’t want to sit on the sideline just watching, living vicariously thru them!

I see them traveling, exploring different cultures, seeing a new worlds historical sights up close.  Can I want do that!  To some extent. I want to do that!!

Explore opportunities and how!

I found that the first thing I had to do was think a lot different than I presently thought.  I had to remove the idea that a different life, a life of adventure was for someone else and not me.  Next I realized that without educating myself of ways other than I had grown up and into I’d never know anything else.  That can be a very liberating thought if followed to a different path or a very sad one if I stayed the same.  I chose a different path.

I went beyond what I witnessed that my friends were doing.  Seeing what I want to see, eating new cuisines, experiencing new cultures,I had to find a way!!

I did.

I first of all found out I don’t have to be rich.  That was somewhat liberating.  But the shackles that bind are very strong and persistent. This would take some doing, but I did feel the clock of life ticking.

My biggest struggle and it was a struggle was breaking ties with debt.  Debt ruled my life.  I was indebted to my house, my car, my credit cards.  Debt ruled almost every nook and cranny of my lifeless life.

That debt stopped me at every turn.  It was my reason for ‘I can’t do that’.  No matter how hard I tried and I tried, I couldn’t realistically lead a life of new and high adventure while being enslaved to debt.  But what was I to do?  Where would I call home?  Okay, I’ll refinance my home making the note a little smaller and then start traveling and expereincing the world I lusted.  Ooooops, not enough.  I would still have all the utilities and insurances to pay and the credit cards were still there.

Ah, the credit cards.  I could pay them all off again just like I’d done twice before.  Hmmmm, twice before, history repeating itself.  Do I disguise debt with debt?

Okay, I’ll sell my house and buy a smaller much easier to maintain condo.  But wait!  I’ll still have a monthly mortgage, insurance, hoa fees, utilities, and so forth.  Dang it, that won’t work either!


This is actually what transpired.  I went thru this for years…….

I did know, I don’t have to be rich…….

So, in it’s final version. Sell all that I had and make wherever I go ‘home’ for the length of time I am there.

It’s like getting a tooth pulled.  Don’t play around, just do it.

Now, there’s a lot left out here.  But that’s for you to explore. All in all 5 years of thought and research went in to the final days of exiting a lifestyle and entering a new lifestyle.  Next is getting rid of some of the hanger on habits that seem like my allergy to have followed me to my first destination, Mexico.

You’ll experience a BIG change by ridding yourself of debt and that includes your mansion, be it big or small.  And quit looking at your nationality as defining where you can live.  I’m still an American.  I’m still held closely by its government.  I haven’t nor will I forfeit my citizenship.

I know I haven’t given you enough information.  That’s your part.  You all have a very strong and vital tool in the internet.  The books in a library.  Here’s a book that really made me uncomfortable but did the most for me, “The 4-Hour Workweek”.   I didn’t follow verbatim, it inspired me that there were alternatives.

You, like I don’t have to be rich.

Get busy and get free!

See ya globally!

Peace, Loves and Beaches,


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