Living The………..American Dream!

Living The………..American Dream!

Somewhere along the way growing up we get educated perhaps sarcastically as to what is the American Dream. A brilliant home, two car garage, a lovely spouse, children, cats, dogs, sunny vacations. Living the American dream…….a life long goal. Pride in America and what she stands for…..including the apple pie.

Does the American Dream have to be the same for everyone?  Perhaps the means to attain it is different, meaning we take different professional paths to attain all the goodies of a predetermined dream.  We all eventually in some way end up with a scaled up or scaled down version of the American Dream.

Moments ago I was editing a writing and as I was finishing up the content sprung forth a surprising memory.  A recent memory.  I’m here in Mexico. Living my retirement at a lovely pace in a lovely place.  Spending the first week traveling to get to Puerto Morelos, Mexico…..I then spent a week in Puerto Morelos.  Lovely little fishing village.  img_1789

On an evening of drinking I made the acquaintances of Karla and Jorge.  They weren’t the usual couple, actually they weren’t a couple….Jorge had grown up in Karla’s families home.  They were like brother and sister. Both are personable, intelligent and articulate.  We became Facebook friends so we could keep in touch and look in on each others different lives.

Karla seeing one of my blog writings that posted to Facebook made the following comment to me, “Looks like you’re living the ‘new’ American dream!”  That caught me a bit off guard.  And it was something that really percolated in my mind for a few weeks.

Living The………..American Dream!  In Mexico….

As I let this ‘new’ American dream roll around in my mind I began to think back thru all my readings and research.  My next thought was, is she right??

There seemed to be two groupings of American’s, those that were traveling abroad…..a growing group and those that stayed in America doing what the generation before them did.  I found that in the traveling group, that too had two distinctive groupings; young and old!  There’s a growing number of young people single or married were spreading their wings and traveling abroad.  Then the older group were retiring to a country with a slower lifestyle, a beneficial financial scenario, along with better and less expensive healthcare.

It seems I’m spit between the 2 groups.  I’m older, as in retired but I’m not just going to one country, I want to see more and more.  Perhaps it’s my youthful thinking…..  With many of the fellow retirees I encounter the conversation gets quickly to ‘buying’ a place to live. It really doesn’t matter the nationality (mostly American’s and Canadian’s) the conversation inevitably gets to owning some form of real estate. Charmed with the idea, putting together another debt portfolio in another country?  Nah……  I turned to my experience in making this decision and that main thing was in order to travel freely I can’t be laden with any debt.

So, my ‘new’ version of the great American dream doesn’t have to do with home ownership, cars, white picket fences and debt.  It has to do with the freedom to leisurely travel with no obligation to wear out my welcome.

There’s oh so much to discover and thrilled by!  I’m choosing to live in endless volumes of National Geographic.  It just happens to start in Mexico.

We are a growing number of American’s (Canadian’s too I might add) that are charting a new and different course, young and old.

Living The……….. New American Dream!img_2232 On the road. It’s really quite fabulous!

I’ve got some local exploring to do before moving on, so it’s time to enjoy the adventure.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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