Happy Thanksgiving……………….

Happy Thanksgiving……………….

I’m really not much on the holiday thing….. And it really doesn’t matter which holiday.  I know, you’re thinking I’m an old fuddy dud.  But I beg to differ, I’m no such thing.  I like to have a good time as much as the next person!  Let’s just say, I’m a bit more consistent.

Why do we wait for on day a year to give gifts (Christmas), one day for celebrating a rebirth (Easter), one day  for freedom (4th of July), one day to turn a new leaf of life (New Years Day) and one day to be thankful (Thanksgiving)?

I know this sounds odd to you but, I in some way celebrate these everyday.  I’m always thankful, even in situations that don’t seem to call for it.  Long ago I learned to look for the good in a situation (in people too). There’s something there, just dig a little deeper and ‘look’ for the good, it’s too easy to see the not so good stuff.  But the gem is there.

Do, I have some down moments?  Yes.  I choose not to live and linger in that moment.  Moving to Mexico I realized from the very start that not everything was gonna go my way, not everything was gonna be perfect.  I accepted that premise and it has been very helpful.  I tend to move on.

I’m having a happy thanksgiving.

I’m a very thankful person, appreciative of everyday.  Some of my friends and acquaintances haven’t had to privilege to see as many as me.  I like to live in each moment.  And it’s hard sometimes, only because I have a very poor attention span.  My mind tends to wander to things I like.

I’m a generous person to a fault.  I tend to give things to people and something that I give is very precious to me and that’s my time.  I can’t get it back and I really hate (this is the one thing that I can use this word on) giving my time to someone who is unappreciative.

Each day is a reason to celebrate a rebirth.  I’ve a fresh slate to work with, my canvas is clean and ready. Sounds silly perhaps, but that’s me. I sit in my comfort place and realize I can create this day to my liking and hopefully touch someone with something good.  It’s a really neat feeling.  That’s me.  Yesterday is done, file it away and gratefully embrace the newness of today.

In the same spirit when I have a sort of revelation of life and there’s something I wish to do or pursue, I don’t wait for a New Year to roll around…..I don’t wait for the first of the month or week.  I like to do that new thing now.  Which may include some preparation work.  But, I find no advantage in delay. I much rather turnover that new leaf now.

It’s me. 816

I don’t know how to adequately introduce this but…….I don’t really have fond memories of holidays.  And I won’t get in to that…. I don’t relive those parts of my life. Perhaps you do, have at it.  I do like to see my family although I’ve chosen to live far from them over the past almost 20 years.  I just don’t see why we have to wait for specially recognized days of the year to get together.

To some, holidays are depressive. To you I say find something to dwell on that isn’t depressing.  Spend time with someone special to you, spend time doing something that brightens you up, look for something that makes you smile.  You may just simply look at a movie that will make you laugh.  Go to the beach.  Watch a football game.  Do something that you enjoy.  You don’t have to be a tag-a-long and have another reason to not like the holiday and breed your depression.

I’m writing of my happy thanksgiving.  You don’t have to agree with me and frankly that’s fine with me.  I’ve walked thru my life and have the experiences I refer to and I chose a long time ago to overcome them and be grateful and thankful.

Today is the same….I’m gonna go for a quick walk, eat a small lite snack……walk the beach, have my thanksgiving meal later today, write some more and enjoy.Siesta Key, Florida

Living thankful is not just something to be done once a year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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