What An Adventure!!!!!!

What An Adventure!!!!!!

Yesterday’s walk……I took a path not too often taken evidently.

img_2577 This road is in the jungle.  There must be a rock quarry somewhere way back there.  There’s also a number of houses…..some eco-houses, others I wouldn’t classify as a house but they are someone’s home.  It was different.  Here’s some of the sights I saw. Enjoy!

The adventure starts!

img_2562 img_2574 img_2560 Although I’m not fluent in Spanish, I did get the message on the sign at the bottom of the tree to the right in the second photo on the top.  The bottom photo is a retreat that’s a bit over a kilometer into the jungle.  The top left is an entrance way to living quarters to the left of several Mayan families.  The picture below here is how it looks from the opposite side.

img_2584img_2588Another view of the housing unit walking down the path.

The adventure makes me curious…..real curious.

img_2573 img_2602img_2564this last picture is what appears to be an old dried up well……I didn’t want to get too close.

img_2565img_2558img_2603 the middle photo is like the entrance to a subdivision, possibly.  This area is adorned with cenotes!  Fresh water pools underground, they open where the limestone may have collapsed. Some are not accessible except by ATV’s!

img_2615img_2586Iimg_2582   I have no idea where some of these paths lead to…….yet.  I do feel adventurous enough to explore though.  I’ve ideas for a project.

img_2618  Here’s a cave not too far from where I live.  There’s a cenote in there….according to the round white sign to the left….I don’t know personally.  I’m not sure my adventurous spirit includes exploring caves though.

Wait!!  I’m not finished!!

img_2567  I got surprised!  Making friends….it’s what I do.  More easily with Mexicans and Mayans.  They are such generous and warm hearted people. Take a look deep in the background you’ll see a dump truck that was making it’s way down this path…..scared the crap out of me….I didn’t realize it was coming up behind me!  Yeah, it wasn’t that quiet, I was just wrapped up in my surroundings.  No two way traffic here!

Thanks for coming along with me on my adventure.  Let’s get together and do this again soon.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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