Is This Really That Good For Me?

Is This Really That Good For Me?

I have this as a continuing thought?  And pray-tell what is that?

Well, you see……I don’t do much anymore, I take 2 to 3 siestas a day, I write a lot, I read as often as I want and I write some more.  I’ll watch a movie and then catch one of those siestas.  I go for long walks in the jungle or on the beach.  img_2615


Is this really ‘that’ good for me?

I’m gonna say yes.  I got to thinking while I was out on my walk a little earlier, just looking at the foliage while a gentle breeze past me by, that I am so relaxed.  My life isn’t very hectic.  Not too much cares to bog me down.  My biggest decisions are whether to drive or walk to the beach.   I’m not sure of the effects of this on my health yet as I haven’t had any need for a physician visit.  Yeah, there was that nasty fall that split my head open…..when I went to the emergency my blood pressure was normal so……..  But, I do have a physical coming up soon.  So we’ll see how that goes.

Then a bit ago I was lying down for a brief siesta….enjoying the breeze rushing thru the house and I realized how relaxed I was, I thought……this is good for me.

Now, is this really ‘that’ good for me?

Frankly I wish I would have somehow put myself in this position long ago.  Dropped out of the rat race, escaped the fretting, leaving concerns to the day at hand…….  But I didn’t.  I can’t get that time back.  Maybe if you’re reading this and I’ve got a bit of your attention and you’re thinking you wish you could do the same.  I’m not gonna tell you that you can (at least not overnight, perhaps but…..), I will tell you if you plan it, will it that you can do it.

What stops most of us (I know it stopped me for a long time and by the way I’m not of retirement age yet) is some rule that whether true or applicable to us, we have made it so.  My biggest obstacle was a home.  I had to have a place to call home in the U.S.  After about 2 years of struggling with that I reached a different conclusion and it was tough.  I didn’t and don’t have a residence in the U.S. anymore.  I’m still a citizen, I just don’t have a place there to call home.  Neither do I have the mortgage, insurance, utilities, and maintenance to concern myself with or whether anything is happening to my property.  That is a load off my mind.

My home is now where I make it for as long as I want to make it home.  Right now that is gonna be Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Caribbean coast of Mexico.  The Riviera Maya. image

Is this really ‘that’ good for me?

I now have the time on my hands to that which I’ve always wanted to do and the things I’ve grown an interest in doing.  What could possibly be so wrong with that?  Nothing.  I’m more centered on the things that I enjoy.  I no longer sell 8 hours of my day, 5 days a week.  It’s all mine.

You see, I’ve done away with most of my debt.  Yeah I purchased a newer vehicle for the trip down here, but what I did was went to my bank and made a loan against my saving for the amount of the car.  So, the title is clear, there’s no mortgage on the car and every payment I make on my car is like putting money in my savings account.  Plus the interest rate is lower this way.  Creative financing.

Yeah, this is really good for me and I’m not the exception to the rule either.  I just didn’t accept the standard preconception of options.

You too can make your own different way, just by not accepting the norm, the standard set of options!  REBEL!!!!!  We all have that streak of rebellion, somewhere it got tempered by the constant beating of social norms…….fuck ’em.

Is this really ‘that’ good for me?


Peace, love and beaches,


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